8. Words for Buildings.

8. Words for Buildings.

Bill and Sam discuss architecture.


charm  -                                 the power to delight or attract

classical architecture  -  derived from ancient Greece or Rome

cost effective  -                  made as cheaply as possible

elegant  -                              beautiful refined

hideous  -                             very unpleasant, horrible, ugly

innovative  -                        new, original in conception

inspiring  -                           to stimulate, make someone feel enthusiastic
                                                 about something or someone

soulless  -                             lacking warmth or anything inspire human feeling

stunning  -                           very impressive, attractive

traditional  -                       based on established custom or belief

Samantha, a journalist, is talking to her husband, Bill, about her interview with a local architect. 

Complete the sentences.


Sam: I interviewed Dan Culpin today?

Bill:  The architect who's designed the new shopping centre in town?

Sam: Yes, the very same. I know you hate the design but he was a very nice guy.

Bill:  I do hate the design. It's another collection of boxes. In my opinion
           most modern buildings are . They're designed to be cost
           effective without any thought of charm or beauty.

Sam: I disagree. We can't always live in the past. A lot of modern buildings
           are and inspiring.

Bill:  I don't want to live in past. But why are modern buildings so often
           hideous, ugly plastic boxes.

Sam: Well, I think many of them are elegant, brightly-coloured, and fun.

Bill:   A few, yes, I agree. Those new apartments by the marina, for example,
            are absolutely . But they are the exception, in my view.

Sam: Well, I think the new shopping centre is just fine. It's spacious, with
            nice, clean lines.

Bill:   I can't agree. The Council should've chosen a design more traditional, more    
            , to be in keeping with the surrounding buildings.

Sam:  Well, I think it's going to look great.

Bill:   Well, I don't think so, Sam. People need beauty in their lives and there's
            nothing beautiful about it.

Exercise 1

Match the vocabulary and the meanings by writing the letter next to the word.

a. impressive, attractive      b. horrible, ugly      c. lacking warmth and the power to

inspire feeling       d. from ancient Greece or Rome       e. based on established custom   

f. made cheaply      g. new, original     

1. cost effective  

2. innovative      

3. hideous           

4. soulless           

5. stunning         

6. traditional      

7. classical          

Exercise 2

Complete the sentences. 

classical - innovative - soulless - stunning - traditional 

1. The mountain scenery was absolutely .

2. She hates the hotel, says it's a concrete box, completely .

3. Picasso was certainly an artist.

4. Generally, he finds architecture to be very elegant.

5. He has recorded a CD of old and very songs.