2. Words about Clothing

2. Words about Clothing

What to wear for Sam's 40th birthday party?

Main Practice:  words associated with clothing
Revision:             future simple + ing  -  What about…? How about…?  -  planning on + ing


match with the images
1. baggy         
2. a top           
3. flowery      
4. checked    
5. striped       
6. plain          

a suit  -  a set of clothes made from the same cloth

to dress up  -  to wear your best clothes for a special occasion, i.e.
  • Make sure you dress up for her birthday dinner; don't wear your jeans, please.

matches (x 2) -   combine well, i.e.
  • Does this tie match the shirt well?
  • That jacket doesn't match your skirt.

formal clothes  -  elegant clothes suitable for a special occasion


Samantha can't decide what to wear for her party. Her son, Tim, thinks her striped dress is too formal and that his father, Bill, should wear his grey suit as it matches his hair!

Complete the conversation, making any changes necessary

'matches' is used twice and reading the whole conversation carefully first will
              help you make the correct 

Sam:  I'm not sure what to wear for the party?

Bill:   What about the dress I bought you, it your hair and
            eyes well?

Tim:  Dad should wear his grey , that  his hair very well.

Bill:   Any more remarks like that and someone will not be getting any
            *pocket money for six months.

Sam:  Or shall I wear the new dress?

Tim:   No, stripes are too .

Sam:   Right, I'll wear the flowery one, then. How about you, Tim?

Tim:   I'm not .

Sam:  You don't have to, just make sure whatever you wear is clean, please.

Tim:   Fine, my jeans, then, and the Jane gave me for my
             birthday. Dad?

Bill:    I'll wear my shirt and not the grey suit but the
             blue jacket.

Sam:  I must phone Katie and see what she's planning on wearing.

* pocket money - a small amount of money parents give their young children each week.

After their discussion the family actually changed their minds about what they will wear. Write a description of them now.

Your answer could be something like this….

Sam is wearing a striped dress. Bill is wearing a plain shirt with a checked jacket. Tim has chosen tight-fitting jeans with a roll-neck sweater. Katie is wearing baggy jeans with a flowery shirt and a * cardigan.

* A sweater than opens in the front.