8. Vocabulary for weather

8. Vocabulary for weather

Katie goes camping.

Main Practice:  Vocabulary for weather
Revision:             How's it going?  -  fed up with  -  to pick someone up  -  future simple

(a) breeze - a light wind

clear - no mist or fog; bright skies, i.e.
  • It's a lovely, clear day, let's go for a walk.

fed up with - bored; irritated; angry, i.e.
  • I'm fed up with watching TV, let's go out.
  • She's fed up with her job.
  • The boss is fed up with some of his staff coming late in the morning.

foggy - when the air is full of water droplets

(a) gale - a strong wind

(to) head back - (colloquial) to return to somewhere, i.e.
  • I'm tired, let's head back home.
  • Come on, it's starting to rain, let's head back.

How's it going?  -  to ask what's happening, generally; can be specific, i.e.
  • How's your job going?
  • How's your university course going?

mild weather - pleasant, warm balmy weather

(to) pick someone up - to collect someone in a car or on foot
  • The movie starts at eight so I'll pick you up at seven.

(to) pour - heavy rain, i.e.
  • Oh, no, it's pouring. Let's get a taxi. 

sleet - rain containing ice or snow as it falls

torrential rain - heavy rain

* Notice: it is used as an ‘empty' subject to mean the weather.


Sam phones her daughter, Katie, who is camping with friends. Though Katie's had fun, unfortunately, the weather hasn't been good. 

Choose the correct vocabulary.

Sam:     Hi, Katie, how's the camping going?

Katie:   It's been great, Mum, but I'm the weather.

Sam:     Has it been very bad?

Katie:   Bad and good and bad again. For the first two days we had torrential
               rain, it all the time. Then it was warm and sunny and very
               mild. Then we had icy and even a little snow. Then yesterday
               we had terrible ; one of our tents was blown away and we had
               to run after it. And today it's really , I can't even see the lake,
               which is only fifty metres away. How about you?

Sam:     Well, today is lovely, sunny and very , just a light breeze,
                which is very refreshing.

Katie:  Okay, well, I'll be back home on Friday then to university
               on Sunday.

Sam:     Well, it'll be lovely to see you. Let me know the time of your train,
               I'll at the station.

Katie:   Will do, Mum. Bye for now.

Sam:     Bye, love, take care.


Complete the sentences with the vocabulary you've practised.

foggy  -  poured  -  head back  -  clear  -  fed up with   -  gale

1.  It's beautiful and today, not a cloud in the sky.

2.  I can't see anything; it's too to drive, let's walk.

3.  I'm your laziness. You leave your clothes and plates
     and cups all over the house  and you never help to clear up.

4.  We've walked far enough, let's to the hotel.

5.   We had an awful last night; three trees were blown
      down in our garden.

6.   The holiday was a disaster, it all the time, nothing
      but rain, rain, rain.