7. Vocabulary for town and the countryside

7. Vocabulary for town and the countryside

Sam wants to move to the countryside.

Main Practice:   Vocabulary for town and country
Revision:             'pretty' meaning almost ‘very'  -  Present Continuous for a planned action  - 
                                 to fancy = (informal) to want / would like to

a wide range of - many different examples of the same thing, i.e.
  • That shop has a wide range of sports clothes.
  • The Job Centre has a wide range of summer jobs in the town.

cosmopolitan (adj)  -  a town or city where there are many different people
                                           and cultures, i.e.
  • Downhaven is a very cosmopolitan city. 

hectic (adj) -   very busy, i.e.
  • The town was hectic today.

polluted (adj) -  something poisoned with harmful substances, i.e.
  • The air in this city is very polluted
  • The factory is polluting the river. 

(to) retire - to leave a job; usually because of age. The retirement age in the UK is 63 for
                        women, 65 for men.

rural (adj)  -  the countryside; green spaces

suburbs  -  residential areas outside the city centre but part of the city, i.e.
  • I'd rather live in the suburbs than the centre.

the country /  -   green spaces outside towns and cities

urban (adj) -  a town or city environment


Samantha wants to leave the town suburbs and move to the countryside. Husband, Bill, disagrees.

Complete the sentences.

Sam:  Shall we move?

Bill:   Move, where to?

Sam:  Somewhere . I fancy living in the countryside for a change.

Bill:   Sorry, Sam, but I'm an person. I like towns and cities.
            And, anyway, Tim is here at school, and our jobs are here in Downhaven.

Sam:  Yes, but we don't need to move far, there's plenty of nice
            around here.

Bill:   But Downhaven's a very town with lot of exciting things
            happening and shops and entertainment.

Sam:  Yes, but the traffic's awful, the centre's getting very .

Bill:   Perhaps, but we live out here in the where the air is pretty clean.

Sam: Yes, but we have to go into town and it's so these days. I'd love
            to live somewhere peaceful where I can wake up to see green fields.

Bill:   Great idea, let's think about it when we retire.

Sam:  But we're still young, that's years away.

Bill:   Good. Now, I'm making coffee, would you like some?


Complete the sentences.

a wide range of  -  cosmopolitan  -  polluted  -  hectic  -  rural - countryside

1.  London's a very city, you can find cultures from all over the world there.

2.  She's left her job. She said it was getting too and the boss was wanting
     her to work ten-hour days.

3.  Well, the college has courses so you should be able to find
     something that  interests you.

4.   The house was in a very area, the nearest big town was fifty
      kilometres away.

5.   The city became too so they moved out to the .