4. Saying sorry, making excuses + idioms

4. Saying sorry, making excuses + idioms

Tim is late for Jane

Main Practice:    Saying sorry - making excuses - 2 x idioms
Past Continuous  -  Past Perfect  -  turn up  -  cost a bomb


All the expressions are informal.

It'll cost a bomb - (Idiom) It will be expensive, i.e.
  • Lets stay at that new hotel. It'll cost a bomb but it is your birthday. 

to make it up to someone - (Idiom) When one person has hurt another and they do
                                                        something to improve the situation, i.e.
  • Yes, I know I forgot your birthday but I'll make it up to you.

(a) rubbish excuse  -  (colloquial) a very weak excuse, i.e.
- I'm sorry I was rude to Julie, I didn't know she was your sister.
- That's a rubbish excuse: you shouldn't speak to anyone like that. 

sick and tired of  -  (Idiom) expressing boredom, irritation, or anger, i.e.
  • I'm sick and tired of watching TV, let's do something else.
  • We're sick and tired of your laziness; you must help with the house-work.

tell you what - offering an idea, i.e.
  • We need a break. Tell you what, why don't we go over to Paris for the weekend? 

(to) treat someone - to pay for them or express how one person behaves towards another, i.e.
  • Let's go out for dinner. I'll treat you.
  • He treats his employees badly.

(to) turn up  -  (Phrasal verb) to arrive, i.e.

  • Please turn up on time for class tomorrow.
  • He turned up very late for the party.


Tim's in trouble: he's late for his date with Jane and he doesn't have a good excuse.

Select the correct words below:

Jane: You're late.

Tim:  Sorry, I missed the bus.

Jane: There are five buses every hour from your house.

Tim: Listen: , I missed all of them.

Jane: How?

Tim: Well, firstly, I had to take a shower-' 

Jane: Why didn't you shower earlier?

Tim: Er, well, I was doing homework. Secondly, I couldn't find my trousers.

Jane: You only have one pair of trousers?

Tim: But Jane, I wanted to wear my best jeans for you and Mum had put them in the
          washing machine.

Jane: You're always late, I'm of it. And then you

Tim:  Jane, I truly apologise, and I'll it up to you.

Jane: Oh, really, and how will you do that?

Tim:  I'll think of something.

Jane: Tell you what: it's too late to eat now but after the movie you can
           treat me to a meal at this restaurant.

Tim: Right, yes, great…great idea.

Jane: And, since I'm going to have the most expensive dish on the menu,
          it's going to .

Tim: Ah, right, er, wonderful.


Complete the sentences. 

rubbish excuses  -  I'm really sorry  -  turn up  -  cost a bomb  -  sick and tired 

-   Well, I'm very angry. I bought the tickets for the theatre, they were very expensive and
      and then you forget the date and don't .

-  Listen, but I've been so busy at work that-

-  No, I don't want your . I'm of you. This is the third
    time you've done this. Find yourself another girlfriend!