1. Saying 'hello', 'goodbye', inviting

At university, Katie meets a friend.

Main Practice:  saying ‘hello' - ‘goodbye' - inviting
Revision:             Present simple  -  How about….?

course  -  a series of lessons or lectures

essay  -   a piece of writing on a special subject lecture an educational talk or lesson

how about…? to make a suggestion, followed by a noun or ing i.e.
  • How about going to a movie tonight?
  • How about having pizza for dinner?

- Where shall we go on holiday this year?
- How about Italy?

how's it going?
 -  What's happening, generally. But can be specific, i.e.
  • How's your job going?

lecture  -  educational talk to a group of people

work-load  -  an amount of work that has to be done
Katie *bumps into a friend at university and they arrange to meet for a coffee.

*to bump into = to meet by coincidence

Complete the sentences.



Katie:  Okay, but very busy. My course has a big work-load.

Chris:  Yes, mine too. I've got three essays to finish before Friday.

Katie:  Well, have you got time for a coffee?

Chris:  Not now, I've got a lecture in five minutes. How about this afternoon?

Katie:  Sure, four o'clock?

Chris:  Great. Four. The library cafe?

Katie:    Bye for now.

Chris:  .

Complete the sentences with the language you've practised.

How's  ..........  going?   -   course   -   How about   -   Hi, how's it going?   -  
See you later. Take care.  -  essay  

1.  - Nice to see you. Bye for now.

2.   -   university ?
      -  Great. My is really interesting?

3.  Can you help me write this ?

4.   having a walk this afternoon, the weather's lovely?

5.  - What DVD shall we watch tonight?
     - Titanic?
     - No, we've seen it twice.

6.  -  ?
     -  Fine. How about you?