9. Relaxation

9. Relaxation

Bill and Sam relax on holiday.

Main practice:   vocabulary for relaxation
Revision:              calm down  -  so + adjective

chill out  -  (informal) to relax; don't get stressed, i.e.
- Oh, no, I've got so much work to do.
- Hey, take the weekend off, chill out. 

 rush and tear  -  (pronunciation: 'tear' to rhyme with 'air') (informal) hurrying; going too fast
                                  in life, i.e.
  • There's too much rush and tear in moden life; we need to relax more.

peace and quiet  -  a peaceful, quiet environment, i.e.
  • Julie's looking after the children for a couple of hours so I can have some peace and quiet.  

stress / stressed (out)  / stressful (adjective) -  mental / emotional strain, i.e.
  • She has a lot of stress with her job right now.
  • He's stressed / stressed out because of his exams.
  • The company might close down. It's very stressful for everyone.

take a break  -   take a short holiday or stop what you're doing to rest / relax, i.e.
  • Let's take a break this weekend and go to Paris. 
  • Okay, we'll take a break now. Class starts again in twenty minutes.

take it easy  -  relax, don't get stressed, i.e.
- Come on, we must hurry, the train goes in half an hour.
- Take it easy, we've got plenty of time to get to the station.

Bill and Sam have gone to a quiet resort to have a relaxing holiday.

Complete the sentences.


Bill: This is so .

Sam: Yes, it's wonderful to easy for a few days.

Bill:  Yes, we needed to .

Sam: That's right. We're ; no computers, no mobile phones….

Bill:  No .

Sam: Just sea, sun, and .

Bill:  Yes, wonderful.


stress  -  rush and tear  -  chilling out  -  take a break   -  stressful  -  peace and quiet  -  take it easy 

1.  OK, we'll stop the lesson now and .

2.  - I am so angry about what he's done.
     - , calm down. It'll be all right.

3.  I don't like the city anymore, there's too much .

4.  Now the children have gone to bed it's nice to have
     some .

5.  We're at a nice hotel by the sea for a week.

6.  I'm leaving my job. It's giving me too much .

7.   My job's been so the last few months. Let's , go away and get some