2. Vocabulary for movies

2. Vocabulary for movies

Bill and Sam are disappointed.

Main practice:  vocabulary for movies
Revision:             question tags

for something to 'add up'  -  (Phrasal Verb) to make sense, to be intelligible, i.e.
  • The plot of the novel I've just read didn't add up.
  • He says he couldn't have committed the crime because he was in another city. But 
   when you examine his story it just doesn't add up.

to not make sense   -   something cannot be understood, i.e.
  • I can't make sense of these instructions.
  • This map doesn't make sense

plot                                   what happens in a story of the movie; or the story of a novel. 
a box-office success   when a movie makes a lot of money
character                    the ‘person' an actor is playing
script                                the written text of everything that is said and that happens
                                           in a movie

set                                     the scenery for a film or play
special effects              technical effects in a movie
role                                the character the actor is playing
costumes                        the clothes actors wear in a movie or play
a tough guy                   a strong man
scene                               a short section of a movie or a play
lead actor                      the central character of the movie


Bill and Sam have gone to the cinema to see a thriller, The Secret Agent, but neither of them enjoyed the movie. 

Complete the sentences.

Sam:  It wasn't very good, was it?

Bill:   No, for a , it wasn't very thrilling. And the didn't make sense, the story  
            just didn't add up, did it?

Sam:   No, it didn't, and Rick Bradley wasn't the right for the story.

Bill:    I agree. He was supposed to be a tough guy criminal but Bradley's a
             small, slim man and too young for that .  

Sam:  The were good, though, weren't they?

Bill:   Yes, they were. They created 1920s Berlin very well and the actors'
            looked good, all those lovely dresses and suits.  

Sam:  And the in the war were done very well, too.

Bill:  They were. But the movie needed a much better and a lead actor
           that really looks like a tough guy. It won't be a .

Sam: Come on, let's get home and have a meal.

Bill:   Good idea.


Complete the sentences with the vocabulary you've practised.

script  -  sets  -  box-office success - scenes  -  role  -  plot  

1.   Well, the movie had a great , a good story.

2.   The movie had some wonderful but the ending was disappointing.
       It won't be a .

3.   - Jason Harding's in the new Thor movie.
      - Really, what does he play?

4.   - What are you working on now?
      -  I'm writing a for a new horror movie.

5.   The new Sherlock Holmes movie is very good. The are great, you
      really feel you're in London a hundred and twenty years ago.