5. Making suggestions (1)

5. Making suggestions (1)

What to do for Sam's birthday?

Bill and his children are trying to decide how to celebrate their mother's birthday.

Main practice: Making suggestions
Revision:         Present Simple  -  Present Perfect  -  'then' for time sequence  -  how about...?

up for that  -  (Colloquial) to want to do that, i.e.
  • I'm up for (watching) a movie tonight. 

how about + ing
 - to make a suggestion. Followed by a noun or ing, i.e.
  • How about going to London this weekend?
  • How about having a walk, now the weather's good?

- What shall we have to eat?

- How about pizza?

- What DVD shall we watch?

- How about Inception?

suggest -  to put forward an idea or plan to be considered.
                      Followed by ing  -  that + pronoun   -   noun, i.e.
  • I suggest taking the exam in June.
  • I suggest that you take the exam in June.
- When should I take the exam?
- I suggest June

Why don't we...? -         the same meaning as 'suggest', i.e.
  • Why don't we have a picnic this weekend, the weather's going to be good?

* 'What about....?' can also be used.


Bill, daughter, Katie, and son, Tim, try to decide what to do for Sam's birthday.

Fill the gaps with the vocabulary

Katie:   So, what're we doing for Mum's birthday?

Bill:      Well, lunch at that pub she really likes, the one in
               Northcote village, and then a walk after?

Tim:     No, that's boring, Dad. to London, having lunch, then  
               some shopping, then going to a theatre in the evening?

Katie:   Too expensive. we have a bike ride in the morning,
               a quick lunch and then Druisilla's Zoo - Mum loves going there -
               and then dinner at a nice restaurant in the evening.

Tim:     Okay, . Dad?

Bill:      Fine, but check the weather first? Mum won't enjoy
              a bike ride in the rain.

Katie:  All right, Dad, we'll check the weather.

Complete the sentences.

I suggest  -  up for that  -  why don't we  -  suggest -  how about

1.   a pizza tonight?

2.    They (that) we move to another hotel.

3.  - play tennis this afternoon? 
     - Okay, I'm .

4. - I'm thinking of leaving my job.
    - * Well, making sure you have another one before you do that.

* Well, how about making sure...   is also possible.