12. Making decisions (1)

12. Making decisions (1)

Sam has a difficult decision to make.

Main practice:   the language of making decisions
Revision:           Present Perfect  -  'would' for possible / hypothetical future


to be in two minds  -  to have two choices and be unsure which to take, i.e.
  • I'm in two minds about buying Tony's car. It's a nice car but it's a bit expensive for me.

go along with  - (Phrasal verb) to agree with someone / something, i.e.
  • Some of the class wanted to go to the theatre, others to a nice restaurant. I said I'd
   go along with whatever the majority decided.
  • The family wanted to sell the house but George wouldn't go along with it.
  • She couldn't go along with the plans for the town centre. She thought the new buildings were ugly.

to make a decision  -  to choose, i.e.
  • Come on, make a decision: are we going swimming or not?

on the one hand, on the other hand - considering two choices, i.e.
-  Are you going to Maria's party tomorrow?
-  I don't know. On the one hand, I should because she's my cousin and it's her birthday. On
    the other hand, I've had a very busy week and I'd rather stay at home and relax.

a rushed decision  -  to make a decision too quickly, i.e.
-  I'm in two minds about moving to France.
-  Well, don't make a rushed decision, take your time.

to think over -  to consider something carefully, i.e. 
-  Are you going to accept the manager's job?
-  I haven't made a decision yet. I'm going to think it over

a tough decision  -  a difficult decision, i.e.
-   Are you going to *sack him?
-   I'm not sure. It's a tough decision. He's not working well but he's been with the company a
     long time.
*to sack someone  =  to dismiss someone from their job, usually because of poor

Sam is a journalist and has been offered a job as chief reporter on another newspaper. It's a good job with a bigger salary but it's in a town seventy kilometres away.

Complete the sentences.

Tim:   Are you going to take the job, Mum?

Sam:  I haven't my decision yet, Tim.

Tim:   What does Dad think?

Sam:  He'll go along with whatever I decide but I'm .

Tim:   Why?

Sam:   Well, , the job I have is close to home and I like my colleagues
             very much. , the new job would pay a lot more money and be a
             big step in my journalistic career.

Tim:    Sounds like .

Sam:    It is but I'm not going to make . The newspaper has given me five
              weeks to .

Tim:     Well, I'm sure you'll make the right decision.

Sam:     I hope so.


Complete the sentences with the language you've practised:

On the one hand. On the other hand  -  a tough decision  -  think it over  -  
in two minds - made  -  a rushed decision

1. - Are you going to buy the house?
    -  I don't know. It's .

2. - Have you a decision which university you want to go to?
    - Not yet. I've got another nine months to decide so I'm not going to make a rushed decision.

3. - Are you going to get a dog?
    -  Well, I'm about it. , the children really want to have a
        dog. , it'll be me and my husband who'll be looking after it.

4. -  Are you going to *set up another restaurant
    -  I don't know. Maybe. I'm going to .

*set up - (Phrasal verb) to start a business