5. Likes and Dislikes

5. Likes and Dislikes

Bill and Sam discuss what music to have at their Bar-B-Q.

Bill and Sam are having a bar-b-q party and are trying to decide what music to have. 
Their relatives and friends like different kinds of music so it's not easy to choose but
they do make a decision.

Main practise:
  likes and dislikes
Revision:            should - fond of - would, (future speculation) - I agree

(the) best best bet - (an idiom) the best thing to do, i.e.
- Oh, it's raining, we can't go to the beach.
- Well, the best bet, then, is to take the children to the cinema.

can't stand - strong dislike; can't accept (followed by a noun  -  ing  -  to + infinitive -
                     adj/noun ), i.e.
  • I can't stand him, he only talks about himself.
  • I can't stand watching that sport, it's so boring.
  • I can't stand to see you lying in bed all morning, come on, get up.
  • I can't stand rude people.

crazy about - strong liking; when for a person it often has a romantic meaning, i.e.
  • He's crazy about Juliet but she's in love with Peter.
  • She's crazy about tennis.

fond of -  to like, (can be used about people, foods, activities), i.e.
  • They're very fond of their grandchildren.
  • He's very fond of cheese on toast.
  • She's fond of walking in the countryside. 

(I) guess - (colloquial) I think, i.e.
- I think John's upset about something but he won't talk about it.
- Well, I'll guess he'll tell us what it is when he wants to.
hate -                 strong dislike, i.e.
  • I hate the English weather.
  • He's hates fried food.
  • I hate what they've done to the city: all the beautiful old buildings have been destroyed.
  • People who hold hate in their hearts hurt themselves too.

keen on - to like something; be enthusiastic for something, i.e.
  • He's very keen on watching old black and white movies.
  • She's keen on horses.
  • He's keen on table tennis.

love - can be used to mean a strong liking, i.e.
  • She loves swimming.
  • He loves hot apple pie with ice cream
  • They love their new house, it's just what they were looking for. 


Complete the sentences.

Bill:   So what music should we have for the Bar-B-Q on Saturday?

Sam:  Well, no opera, grandma it.

Bill:   Barty's very * Blues, he really loves it.

Sam:  Well, your brother, Julian, would that, he doesn't even like jazz.

Bill:   Right, Julian's * easy-listening pop music.

Sam:  Aunty Cath classical music but Katie and Tim would find that boring.

Bill:   Well, I guess, the best bet is to have pop and a little of our favourite folk music.

Sam:  I agree, that sounds fine.

* keen on and fond of are not interchangeable here as fond of is not really strong enough to go
   with: "he really loves it."


Complete the sentences with the vocabulary you've practised.

can't stand  -  keen on  -  loves  -  fond of  - crazy about 

1.  She's very animals and seeing people hurt them.

2.  He's football. He goes to all the local team's matches and
     plays every Saturday for his school.

3.  He's quite the idea of camping and not staying in a hotel.

4.  They living in the city. The air is very polluted and it's very noisy with a
      bad transport system.

5.  Chris the theatre. She goes to different towns and cities to see plays.