8. Expressions about feelings.

8. Expressions about feelings.

Tim's exams are a disaster.

Main practise
:  expressions for feelings
Revision:            can't wait  -  so  -  suppose so  -  

a bit -  (colloquial) a little, or partial - used with negative adjectives, i.e.
  • He's a bit shy.
  • The movie was a bit boring. 
  • The weather was a bit cold.

a bit nervous - a bit worried or anxious, i.e.
  • He's a bit nervous about his driving test tomorrow.

a bit upset -      a bit sad / unhappy
  • She's a bit upset right now: she lost her job yesterday.

(I) can't wait to  -   (colloquial) I'm very enthusiastic to do something, i.e.
  • I can't wait to go on holiday next week. 
  • My daughter can't wait for her birthday party, she talks about it every day.
  • They can't wait to sell the house, they've never liked living there.

cheer up -           try to feel happier

a disaster -         a bad or terrible reality; can be very serious or not, i.e. 
  • There has been an earthquake disaster.
  • I tried to cook a meal for my friends but it was a disaster.

fed up with - (phrasal verb) bored, a bit angry, irritated, can be followed by noun or ing, i.e. 
  • He's fed up with his job, he wants a change.
  • I'm fed up with eating pasta, I want something different. 
  • I'm fed up with going to the same cafe every day, let's go somewhere else.

in fact  -  the truth, the reality, i.e.
- He was born in 1960, wasn't he?
- No, in fact, he was born in 1950.

- You looked a bit tired after the football match.
- I was very tired, exhausted, in fact. 

I suppose so
 -  to agree about something, but reluctantly, i.e.
- We should clean and tidy the kitchen.

- I suppose so.  (I don't really want to but I will.)

mock exams - practice exams
Tim and sister Katie are discussing his school exams. He has not done well. Katie tries to make him feel better.

Complete the sentences.

Katie: How're you feeling?

Tim:    . My exams were a .

Katie: I know, Mum told me.

Tim:    I'm school. I can't wait to leave.

Katie:  Well, don't worry, these were only mock exams.

Tim:    But it's still so disappointing. I really did my best. I studied hard every
             night for three weeks.

Katie: Do you know why you did so badly?

Tim:    Well, I was . , a lot nervous. And I didn't have enough
             time to answer some of the questions.

Katie:  So, all you have to do is try not to be nervous and improve your writing

Tim:     I suppose so.

Katie:  , you've discovered your problem, now all you have to do is
              work to solve it.


Complete the sentences.

fed up with  -  cheer up  -  mock  -  a bit upset -  a bit nervous  -  in fact  -  disaster   

1.  My job interview was a - everything went wrong for me.

2.  I'm living on this street, it's too noisy, let's move.

3.  - She told me she borrowed a hundred pounds from you.
     - No, , she borrowed one hundred and fifty. 

4.  She's got her exams this week. She's feeling .

5.   - My boss said my clothes are too casual and my hair's too long. I'm .
      - , he says that to all the young men in the office. All you have to do is
         to get some smarter clothes and a hair cut.