6. Expressing, replying to thanks + so/such

6. Expressing, replying to thanks + so/such

Sam's birthday

Main practice: Expressing, replying to thanks + so / such
Revision:           during - was going to (future in the past) - present perfect

I couldn't be more pleased -  the speaker is very pleased, i.e.
- Are you happy with how we've done your garden?
- Yes, thank you, I couldn't be more pleased (with it).

don't mention it   -   a polite reply when someone thanks you, i.e. 
-  Thanks for helping me with the cooking.
-  Don't mention it. 

so  -  strengthens an adjective. Followed by, so + adjective, i.e.
  • The city was so beautiful.
  • Our flight was so late we didn't get to the hotel until midnight.
such  -   strengthens the adjective. Followed by adjective + noun, i.e.
  • It was such a beautiful city.
  • She's such a good player she's always in the team.


Sam thanks her family for giving her such a wonderful birthday.

Complete the sentences.

   Thank you so much, everyone, for a fantastic birthday.

Bill:     We were lucky with the weather. 

Katie: Yes, during the bike ride I really thought it was going to rain.

Sam:   And to you Tim for making me that wonderful breakfast in bed
             this morning.

 Tim:   , Mum. And I did have a little help from Katie.

Katie:  A little! Excuse me, I gave you a lot of help, including waking
              you up in time to do the breakfast.

Sam:    Well, anyway, it was all wonderful, I've had a fantastic day:
              a bike ride, lunch, the zoo and a lovely dinner at one of my favourite restaurants.

Bill:     And let's not forget your presents.

Sam:    Absolutely not. I with the sweater, the books, the lovely
              bracelet and the CDs.

Complete the sentences.

so  -  couldn't be more pleased  -  such  -  don't mention it  -a special thanks

1.  - Thanks for helping me with my luggage.
      - That's all right, .

2.   - What do you think of your new kitchen.
     - I . They've done a good job.

3.   Well, it's been a wonderful weekend. Thanks to everyone who has worked
      hard to arrange the conference. And to Jane who, 
      on her own,  organised all the food and the evening entertainment.

4.   He's a lazy student. It made it difficult to teach him
      anything. He's unlike his  sister who worked hard; it
      was no surprise she got good exam grades.