5. Vocabulary for exercise, sport

5. Vocabulary for exercise, sport

Tim hates exercise.

Main Practise:     Vocabulary for exercise / sport
Revision:                Present Simple  -  Present Perfect

at least -  the minimum, i.e.
  • He's at least fifty. (And probably more, is the meaning here)
  • You should at least say sorry for damaging his car. (And probably do more.)
- How long will the journey take?
- At least three hours.

chilling -  (informal) relaxing, i.e. 
- What're you doing tonight?
- Just chilling with a DVD. I've had a very long and busy day.

do / go / play +  -  (collocation) , i.e. do + exercise/sport  -  go + ing  -  play + a game, i.e.
  • Do you do any regular exercise?
  • She does a lot of sport.
  • He goes jogging every morning.
  • She goes sailing at the weekends.
  • I'm going climbing next Saturday.
  • S/he plays a lot of tennis / football / basketball, etc.

fit -  healthy and strong, i.e.
  • She was very unfit but now, after going to the gym three days a week, he's fit.
* And we keep or stay fit, i.e.
  • I must keep / stay fit: I'm going on a trekking holiday in Nepal; it's going
   to involve a lot of tough walking.

...n't even -  ‘even' here makes the negative meaning stronger, i.e. 
  • You don't even know him, why did you invite him to your party?
  • She hasn't even taken a jacket with her; she'll freeze in this weather.
  • He's so angry with you he doesn't even want a text from you, and certainly doesn't want see you.

(to) work out -  exercise in a gym, i.e.
  • I work out twice a week.

unfit - not healthy; not in a good physical condition, i.e.
  • I'm really unfit, I must start going to the gym and working out.


Bill unsuccessfully tries to encourge his son, Tim, to come to the gym with him. Bill then gives Tim a challenge.

Complete the sentences.
Hint: do and gym are both used twice.
Tim:  Where're you going, Dad?

Bill:   To the . Do you want to come?

Tim:   No thanks, I'm chilling.

Bill:    You don't any exercise, Tim.

Tim:    I don't need to at the . I'm very .

Bill:     Everyone needs to exercise. You don't even .
              I think you're .

Tim:    boring.

Bill:     It's good exercise. You should at least a sport.

Tim:     I football at school.
Bill:      Yes, once a week. It's not enough to . And you sit on the sofa
               for hours watching TV or playing video games.

Tim:     Maybe, but I'm than you.

Bill:      Really? So, come to the gym and we'll see who can go longest on
               the running machine.


Complete the sentences.

fitter  -  fit  -  jog  -  gym  -  play  -  work out

A: What do you do in your free time?

B: Well, I like to keep so I go to the about
     three times a week and . I  every
     morning too and at the weekends I tennis.
     I think I'm now than I've ever been before.