10. Common everyday expressions.

10. Common everyday expressions.

Bill bumps into Ann.

Bill, a school history teacher, is taking his students on a history trip. He *bumps into Ann, the Deputy Head of the school, who needs to talk to him about the trip.
Main practise
:  common everyday expressions
Revision:            greetings  -  Present Simple  -  Present Continuous

*bump into - (informal), to meet by accident, unplanned, i.e.
  • I bumped into Jack when I was shopping.

chat - (colloquial), to have a conversation, i.e.
  • Let's have coffee and a chat later.
  • I must have chat with you about the party.

looking foward to  -  excited or pleased about a future event, i.e.
  • I'm looking forward to starting my new job.
  • She's really looking forward to visiting Tokyo.

sounds good - a good idea, i.e.
- Let's take a weekend break in Paris for your birthday.
- Sounds good.
Bill is taking his students on a history trip. Ann, the school Deputy Head, wants to talk to him about the trip.

Complete the sentences with common the expressions.

Ann: Hi Bill, ?

Bill:  Fine. ?

Ann: Very busy. Listen, I need to to you about the Hastings trip. Can we
            have a coffee at four?

Bill:  . I hope there're no problems with the trip, the class are
           really it.

Ann:  No, , we just might have to change the times a little.

Bill:  Okay, four o'clock, then.

Ann:  Good. .


Complete the sentences.

see you later  -  chat  -  how's it going  -  don't worry  -  looking forward to  -  how about you  -  sounds good  

1.  - Shall we have dinner at that new Italian restaurant and then see a movie?
     - .

2.  - Oh no, I've forgotten my wallet.
     - , I'll pay for the meal.
     - I'll pay you back.

3.  - Take care, bye, see you.
     - Bye, .

4.  - Hi, ?
     - Great. ?

5.  I'm really my holiday.

6.  Let's meet up later for a .