1. Common Expressions (1)

1. Common Expressions (1)

Do you fancy dinner out tonight?

Main practice:  Common Expressions
Revision:             could (possibility)   -   Lets…   -   fancy

to fancy -  to want; often about food, drink, activities. Followed by ing or a noun, i.e.
  • Do you fancy (going for) a walk later?
  • I fancy seeing a film tonight.
  • He fancies (having) a game of tennis this afternoon.
Also  -  to have a romantic attraction for someone, i.e. John fancies Maria. 

fed up with - to be bored or irritated by something. Followed by ing or noun, i.e.
  • I'm fed up with watching television, can we do something else? 
  • I'm fed up with this weather.
to book - to reserve a place in a restaurant or tickets for a journey etc, i.e. 
  • I've booked the tickets for the theatre.
  • Can we books seats for the cinema?

on the other hand - to offer an alternative, i.e.
  • We could have the party at school. On the other hand, we could have it at my house.
Also: to contrast two opposing ideas, i.e.
  • The house is too small. On the other hand, it does have a beautiful garden.
- Did you have a good holiday?
- Well, the weather was terrible and the plane was late. On the other hand, the
   hotel was great.


Bill and Sam decide where to eat tonight.

Complete the sentences.

Sam:  Do you dinner out tonight?

Bill:   All right, where?

Sam:  Leonardo's?

Bill:   The Italian place next to the theatre? 

Sam:  , we could eat at the pub.

Bill:   No, I'm the pub. Let's go to Leonardo's.

Sam:  Right. I'll a table for eight o'clock.

Bill:   Fine.


Complete the sentences.

book  -  fed up with  -  On the other hand  -  fancy  -  fancies

1.  I going up to London this weekend, would you like to come?

2.  If you seeing that new play at the theatre I'll tickets
     for us.

3.  Well, I do like the look of the red sofa and it's a good price. ,
     the green one would look better with the colours of our living room.

4.  She's going to take a year off before going to university, she's

5.  He's driving a taxi. He going back to college.