7. Agreeing, disagreeing

7. Agreeing, disagreeing

A car for Katie?

Main Practice:  agreeing / disagreeing
Revision:            Present Perfect  -  I suppose so  -  so 

no way  -  definitely not, i.e.
  • There's no way I'm climbing that mountain in this weather.

it's (so) packed  -  (so) crowded /full 
  • The theatre was packed tonight.
  • The streets around the old market get so packed on Saturdays.

a second-hand car     - a car that is not new but used. 

I suppose so                 - I reluctantly agree, i.e.
- It was a great meal. Now we need to wash up and tidy the kitchen.
- Yes, I suppose so. 

Oh, come on  -  (informal) you're wrong in some way; you can't be serious; don't be silly, i.e.
- It was a great movie.
- Oh, come on, the plot was ridiculous.

-  I thought our team played very well.
-  Oh, come on, they were terrible; that's why they lost four-nil.


Sam wants their daughter, Katie, to have a car so she can get home from university without using crowded trains. At first, Bill disagrees.

Sam: Katie wants a car.

Bill:  , she's too young.

Sam: She's nineteen and has passed her driving test. And she needs a car to get back from

Bill:  . She can get the train.

Sam: Yes, but it's not a good service and takes her four or five hours to get home.

Bill:  Well, she can study on the train.

Sam: Not so, Bill, sometimes its so packed she can't even get a seat.

Bill:  All right, that it's a long journey for her but we can't afford a car right

Sam: Oh, come on, , we can afford a second-hand car.

Bill:  Well, yes, I suppose so. But I don't like the idea of Katie driving such a long distance.

Sam: It's a motorway, Bill, and she's old enough to do it.

Bill:   , if you're happy about it.


Complete the sentences.

I agree  -  that's not true  -  no way  -  all right  -  I disagree 

- Well, I thought the movie was very good.

- Really? , I thought it was boring.

- Why?

- It was too slow.

- , that nothing much happened for the
   first thirty minutes but the photography was good.

- I can see good photography in a magazine. Why did we go and see it?

- Well, Jane said it was good.

- , she said it was terrible.

- , in fact, she said it was wonderful. 

-  Well, that's not what she told me.