5. Vocabulary about time

5. Vocabulary about time

Tim is pressed for time

Main practice:  Vocabulary about time
Revision:           really, (adverb meaning 'truly')  -  fancy  -  Future Simple

(to) clear up - (phrasal verb) to clean and tidy, i.e.
  • We must clear up the living room before my parents arrive.

from time to time - occasionally, i.e.
  • From time to time he visits us, but not often.

hang on - (colloquial) wait a minute, i.e. 
- Come and help me clear up the kitchen, it's in a terrible mess.
- Hang on, I'm just sending an email.

I'm pressed for time - I have little time; I'm late, i.e.
- Can you make me a coffee, please?
- Not right now, I'm really pressed for time. My taxi will be here soon and I'm not ready.

I must dash - (colloquial) I must hurry, i.e. 
  • Oh, is that the time? I must dash or I'll be late for work.

Where are you off to? - (Informal) Where are you going?


Samantha wants her son, Tim, to tidy his room before he goes out to meet a friend. But he's late already and so he promises to do it tomorrow.

Choose the correct vocabulary.

Tim:  See you later, mum .

Sam:  , where're you off to?

Tim:  To Seb's house, we're going to do some homework.

Sam:  Well, the day before yesterday you promised to your room.

Tim:   I will. I'll do it this evening.

Sam:   No, you'll do it now

Tim:   But mum, , I'm late.

Sam:   First, you tidy your room.

Tim:   Mum, I promised Seb I'd be there at ten o'clock.

Sam:   And you promised me you'd tidy your room.

Tim:   But I usually do tidy it.

Sam:   When? Never.

Tim:   But I do, , it's just now that I'm really .

Sam:   All right, but you've got to do it tomorrow.

Tim:   Right. I will. I promise.


Complete the sentences. 
Remember: use capital letters where necessary.

hang on  -  clear up  -  I must dash  -  where're you off to?  -  from time to time  -  
pressed for time

1.  - Hi, do you fancy having a coffee?
     - I can't right now, , I'm really . Maybe tomorrow.

2.  - Do you ever see Dave now?
     - Yes, I see him around town.

3. - Come on, we're late.
    - , I can't find my door keys.

     Home. I must the house before my parents get back from holiday.