9. Expressions about money.

9. Expressions about money.

The concert was a rip-off!

Main practise: expressions about money
Revision: so + adjective

cost a bomb -    very expensive, i.e.
  • Our wedding photographs cost a bomb. 

fake - not genuine, not real, i.e.
  • The paintings weren't by Van Gogh, they were fakes. 

fans -  admirers of a performer or celebrity
  • Michael Jakson still has millions of fans around the world.

loaded - someone is very rich, i.e.
  • She owns a chain of health centres. She's loaded.  

mega-bucks -  a lot of money

a rip-off -  something is priced unfairly high, the buyer has been cheated
  • The restaurant was a rip-off. The food was terrible and the prices were so high.

treat (verb)  -  to behave towards someone / something in a particular way, i.e.
  • He treats his students well. 
  • The company treats its workers badly. 

wasn't cheap - something was a bit expensive
- How's your new computer?
- Great. It wasn't cheap but I'm happy I bought it.

Tim and his friends have been to a rock concert. The tickets, programmes and T-shirts were all very expensive and the band only played for a short time. Tim and his friends were ripped off!

Complete the sentences.

Bill:   How was the concert, guys?

Tim:  Not good, the tickets and the band only played for fifty minutes.

Ravi: Weren't cheap?! The tickets and they didn't even play for fifty minutes,
            more like forty.

Babs: And the concert programme and T-shirts were expensive, a real .

Tim:   The band are making , and this is how they treat their fans.

Ravi: Yeah, those guys are .

Babs: You know, I don't think I like their music anymore. They're not Good News, more like
            fake news.


Complete the sentences.

wasn't cheap - loaded - rip-off - mega-bucks - cost a bomb

1.  He's got a very highly-paid job with a software company. He's making .

2.  The holiday * but we had a great time.

3.  - How can Harry afford a new BMW?
     - He can't, but his parents are .

4.   The night club was a . You paid ten pounds to get in and then a glass of beer
      was six pounds.

5.    - Was the new furniture expensive?
       - Well, it certainly .

*  cost a bomb and wasn't cheap are both possible here