9. Phrasal Verbs, (3)  Idioms

9. Phrasal Verbs, (3) Idioms

Katie and friends discuss life after university

Main practice:  Phrasal Verbs, Idioms
Revision:            it all depends on  -  How about…?  -  Present Perfect


at the end of the day - (Idiom) when everything else has been considered, i.e.
  • Yes, the flat is expensive and not in the centre of town but, at the end of the day, you need somewhere to live immediately and it's the best choice.
  • We interviewed many applicants for the job but, at the end of the day, none were suitable. 

(to) come up with - (Phrasal Verb) to think of an idea or option, i.e.
  • Jamie came up with some great ideas for the party.
  • My nieces are coming next weekend. I need to come up with some fun activities to entertain them.

*depends on  -  to be affected or decided by, i.e.
- Are you going sailing tomorrow?
- Maybe, (it all) depends on the weather.

- Can he get healthy again?
- (That) depends on him. If he gives up smoking, improves his diet, and exercises,
   then yes, I think he can. 

Also  -  to rely on, i.e.
- She depends on her son to do her shopping for her.
- I know I can depend on my friends for support, if I need it.

(to) get into - (Phrasal Verb) to work in a certain field, i.e. 
  • He's hoping to get into film making. 
  • She got into software design by helping friends with their computer problems.

it's a long story - (Idiom) it will take a long time to explain something, i.e.
- Why did she leave the UK to go and live in Australia?
- Well, it's a long story.

(to) set up -  (Phrasal Verb) to start a business,  i.e.
She set up a garden design business last year; it's doing very well.
Also: to put equipment into place, ready to use, i.e.
  • Set up the computer in the living room, please. 


Katie is at university. She and her friends discuss their plans for when they leave the university.

Complete the sentences.

Katie: What are your plans for after university, Rob?

Rob:    It all depends on my parents?

Sue:    How?

Rob:    Well,  but to make it short: if they agree to lend me
              the money - and that depends on me getting a good degree - then
              I'll my own web company. How about you guys?

Katie:  I feel I need a break. A six-month holiday would be great but,
              , I have debts and I need a job. So I'll get a
              part-time job, take a journalist course and then I hope to
               journalism, like my mum. What about you, Sue?

Sue:     I don't know yet. Maybe you guys can some ideas.
              Actually, what I've really loved here at university is drama. I think
              I might go for a Masters degree in drama and then try and act.

Rob:     Good luck, getting into acting is really tough, though.

Katie:  Hey, follow your dreams, Sue, follow your dreams.


Complete the sentences.

at the end of the day  -  come up with  -  it's a long story  -  get into  -  set up

-  So, you lived in Stockholm, how come?

-  Well, but when I was twenty I had a Swedish girlfriend and I
    moved to Sweden to live with her. I learnt Swedish and was hoping to
    computers but my Swedish wasn't good enough to study computer science.
    So I had to  something else and when an uncle died and left me
    some money I decided to  an English tea shop in the centre of
    Stockholm. The business went well for a couple of years but then  I broke up
    with my girlfriend and, , I was missing my family and 
    life in England so I sold the tea shop and moved back here.