11. Time

Main practice:  Expressions about time
Revision:            going to - clear up  -  Future in the Past: promised me you would / I 
                               said I would
Where are you off to? -  (informal)  Where are you going?

hang on / hang on a minute - (informal) wait a minute, i.e.
- Come on, the lesson's starting. 
- Hang on, I can't find my books.

to clear up -  (Phrasal verb) to clean and tidy, i.e. 
  • I must clear up the house before my parents get home.
  • If you clear up the table, I'll do the washing up.

to dash -  (informal) to hurry
- Make me a cup of tea.
- I can't now, I'm late for work, I must dash.
I'm pressed for time -  I'm in  hurry / I'm late
- Can we talk about the new computer system?
- I'm pressed for time right now, can we meet this afternoon?

from time to time  -  occasionally, i.e.
  • Mary's moved to another town but I see her from time to time.


Tim is going to Seb's house to do homework. He's late and in a hurry but Sam, his mother, would like him to clear up his room first. 

Complete the sentences.

Tim:  See you later, mum .

Sam: , where're you off to?

Tim:  To Seb's house, we're going to do some homework.

Sam:  Well, the day before yesterday you promised to clear up your room.

Tim:  I will. I'll do it this evening.

Sam: No, you'll do it now

Tim:  But mum, , I'm late.

Sam:  First, you tidy your room.

Tim:  Mum, I'm really . I promised Seb I'd be there at ten.

Sam:  And you promised me you'd tidy your room.

Tim:  But I usually do tidy it.

Sam:  When? Never.

Tim:  I do, , it's just that now I'm in a hurry.

Sam: All right, but you've got to do it tomorrow.

Tim: Right. I will. I promise.


Complete the setences with the vocabulary you've practised.

Remember: capital letters at the beginning of sentences.

pressed for time  -  hang on  -  I must dash  -  from time to time

1. - Hi, do you *fancy having a coffee?
    - I can't right now, , I'm really . Maybe tomorrow.

2.  - Do you ever see Dave now?
     - Yes, I see him around town.

3.  - Come on,  we're late.
     - , I can't find my door keys.

*fancy = (informal)  do you want / would you like...?