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Welcome to English, Talk It! The site is designed to improve students' English through authentic conversations.

There are three sections and four levels: Everyday Expressions, Grammar, and Vocabulary - Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced. Though more advanced levels can benefit, too, from the lower level conversations. Each Conversation involves Main Practice, and Revision, which recycles language found as Main Practice in other Conversations.

The Conversations
All the Conversations revolve around a family, their relatives, friends and colleagues. While some Conversations continue a particular situation - not dissimilar to a TV soap - each can be taught and practised as a separate unit. Topics and situations vary from the mundane to current issues of debate and controversy, and can be a useful bridge to a debate or role play.

The Audio Files
For less than £1 a week the audio files can be accessed. Spoken at normal speaking speed they provide authentic, everyday speech as spoken by native speakers and can be used to focus upon pronunciation, to practice grammar points or introduce and practice vocabulary. Acting the Conversations out as mini-dramas can build students' confidence while at the same time contextualising the language.

However you use English, Talk It we hope you enjoy the site and find that it helps your students and yourself by easing some of the pressures of lesson planning!

English, Talk It welcomes comments, suggestions, and ideas. You can send us a message using the form on this page or email info@englishtalkit.com.

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