1. Present Continuous for planned future

1. Present Continuous for planned future

Katie comes home for a holiday.

Main Practice:   Present Continuous for an arranged future
Revision:             Future Simple - would you like + noun - by the way

by the way   - to introduce a new topic into a conversation, i.e.
  • Yes, I had a lovely holiday. Great beaches, great hotel, great weather.
   By the way, how was your maths exam, did you pass?

couple - two, i.e.
  • I'll see you in a couple of hours.

hang on  - wait a minute, i.e.
- Come on, hurry up, the taxi's here.
- Hang on, I can't find my bag.

to go away   - take a short break; stay in a hotel, i.e.
  • Let's go away for the weekend.


Katie has been away at university. Her dad's a teacher and her mum's a journalist. She's come home for a short holiday.

Complete the sentences.

Bill:      Hi, welcome home.

Katie:   Hi, Dad, where's Mum?

Bill:      She's working. She'll be back about seven. Would you like some tea?

Katie:  Oh, yes please.

Bill:      So what're your plans for the holiday?

Katie:  Well, tomorrow I'm Anna and Charlie for lunch and then
               we're to see a movie. And Sunday I'm tennis with
               Aya and then Monday-

Bill:      Hang on, your Mum and Dad would like to see you too.

Katie:  Oh, sorry, well, on Monday Carl's to see me and then
              I have no plans.

Bill:      Great. Okay. Well, I'm not on Wednesday and Thursday…

Katie:  What about Mum?

Bill:      I think your mother's free next week.

Katie:  Great, let's go away for a couple of days.

Bill:      Okay, good idea. By the way, who's Carl?

Katie:  Oh, my boyfriend, from university.


Complete the sentences.
Hint: 'going' is used twice.

going  -  leaving  -  doing  -  having  -  moving  -  staying  -  starting  -  meeting  -  taking 

1. - Hi, I'm a party next Saturday, are you free?
    - Sorry, I'm to see my parents that evening.

2. - When will you see John again?
    - We're for lunch on Tuesday.

3. - What are you tonight?
    - I'm my nephew to the theatre, we're to see
       the Harry Potter play.

4.  This summer I'm with my cousin in Paris, then I'm
     university in September.

5. We're London. Ann's got a new job in Manchester so
    we're there.