2. Phrasal Verbs (1)

2. Phrasal Verbs (1)

Tim's school friend, Ravi, is coming over.

Main practise:
  Phrasal verbs
Revision:            Present Continuous for a planned future action  -  Present Continuous  -
                               must  -  question forms

clear up         -   to clean and tidy, i.e. 
  • I must clear up the house before my parents get back. 

come over      -   to visit someone, usually at home, i.e.
  • Come over and have coffee later.

break down   -  when a machine stops working because something is wrong with it,
                              (not usually used for small gadjets) i.e.
  • The lift has broken down, we'll have to use the stairs.
  • Her car broke down yesterday.
  • Can I borrow your electric fire, my central heating's broken down?

get down to
   -  to start a task, i.e.
  • Let's get down to study.
  • Please, get down to writing thank you cards to everyone who gave you a birthday present.

- When are you going to mend the window?
- Don't worry, I'll get down to it soon.

run out of      -  to not have any left; use up, i.e.
  • Can you go to the supermarket, we've run out of milk and bread?

turn up           -  arrive, i.e.
  • I had to walk, the bus didn't turn up this morning.
  • Caroline always turns up late for class. 


Tim, Bill and Sam's son, if having a school friend, Ravi, come over so they can do homework together. Sam offers to cook a meal and explains that their car has broken down.

Put the phrasal verbs into the gaps.

Tim:  Ravi's . We're going to some homework.

Sam:  What time's he coming?

Tim:  He said at five, but he always late.

Sam:  Well, you must your room, please, before he get's here.

Tim:  Okay. Can we have one of your pasta dishes tonight?

Sam:  Sorry, I've pasta. Would you like baked potatoes or rice?

Tim:  Um, baked potatoes, I think. What time's Dad home tonight?

Sam:  I don't know. The car's . He's waiting now for a mechanic to
            come and fix it.


Complete the sentences.

turn up  -  coming over  -  clear up  - run out of  - get down to  -  broken down   

1. What time's David tonight?

2. My washing machine's .

3. Can you the living room, please, it's in a terrible mess?

4. When are you going to painting the kitchen?

5. The party starts at eight, please on time.

6. I've coffee, is tea okay?