11. Phrasal Verbs - Idioms (2)

11. Phrasal Verbs - Idioms (2)

Bill and Sam take an afternoon walk.

Main Practice:  Phrasal verbs and idioms (2)
Revision:             Present Simple - Present Perfect - it's a good job

if I remember rightly - if my memory is correct, i.e. 
  • If I remember rightly, it's Maria's birthday this month, on the 30th.

it's a good job - it's a good thing, i.e. 
  • It's a good job we didn't go on holiday with Andrew and Fiona, they said the weather was terrible and the hotel food was awful. 

it's up to you - ‘you' can choose, i.e.
- Where shall we go on holiday this year?
- It's up to you, I don't mind, *as long as it's somewhere warm and sunny.
*But only if...

(to) keep an eye on the time - must not forget the time, i.e.
  • We must keep an eye on the time. We've got to be at the airport at ten and it's seven now.

(to) pick (someone) up - to collect them, usually in a car, i.e.
  • I'll *pick you up at eight.
  • Can you *pick up John at the station, he's waiting there now?
* The object can go in the middle or at the end, except with 'you' when it is always in the middle.
valley - the low ground between two hills


Sam and her husband, Bill, go for a walk. It looks like rain. Bill reminds Sam he has to collect their son, Tim, from his chess club later.

Sam: Shall we walk up on the hill or through the valley?

Bill:  , Sam.

Sam: Okay, let's walk through the valley. , there's a tea shop at the end    
           where we can get some tea and cake.

Bill:  Fine, but I don't like the look of those clouds, and the weather forecast said it'll rain.

Sam: Well, then I've brought my umbrella.

Bill:  We must , remember, I've got to Tim from his after-
           school chess club at six.

Sam: Don't worry, we'll be back home by then.


Complete the sentences.

1.  - What shall we do this evening?

2.     I must , I have to get the train at nine.

3.     I checked the time of the lesson: it's an hour earlier than I thought it was.
4.     Can you Jane at the airport, her flight gets in at three?

5.  - When does Peter start his new job?
     - Well, , it's on the 20th of next month.