8. Phrasal Verbs + Idioms (1)

8. Phrasal Verbs + Idioms (1)

Bill and Sam are going on holiday

Main Practice:  Phrasal Verbs
Revision:           we should...  = this is a good idea  -  Present Simple  -  Future Simple  - I'm glad 

find out - to discover information or knowledge, i.e.
  • Can find out when her birthday is?
  • She was eighteen when she found out that David is not her biological father.
  • We must find out how much money the bank will lend us. 

*pick up - to collect someone in car or on foot, i.e.
  • I'll pick you up at seven.
  • Can you come and pick us up? We're at the station.

set off - to begin a journey
He sets off for work every morning at eight.

*sort out - to arrange / organise
  • She's sorted out the tickets for the train and the boat.
  • Can you sort out the food for the dinner party as I won't get back from work until six?

*take off - when an aeroplane leaves, i.e. 
  • Our plane takes off at one in the afternoon.

pick up - to buy a something, i.e. 
  • Can you pick up some coffee when you're at the supermarket?
                  to learn something without formal study, i.e.
  • He picked up the guitar by watching guys play on youtube.

    sort out - to tidy, i.e.
  • Sort out your room, please, it's very untidy.

    take off - to remove a piece of clothing, i.e.
  • It's got warmer. I'll take off my sweater.


Bill and Sam make plans for the start of their holiday tomorrow.

Complete the sentences.

Sam:  What time shall we in the morning?

Bill:   Well, the plane at 1.30, so we should really leave at 9.00.

Sam:  Fine. And did you how much the taxi will cost from the airport?

Bill:    It's okay, I spoke to the hotel manager, he's arranging a car to .

Sam:  Oh, great, I'm so glad that's .


Complete the sentences with the phrasal verbs you've practised.

found out  -  set off  -  pick me up  -  takes off  -  pick us up  -  sort out

1.  Can you our journey to London on the 15th?

2.  They for London at nine o'clock.

3.  My train arrives at one. Can you at the station, please?

4.  I how much the trip will cost.

5.  The plane at two so we should have the taxi for
     the airport at eleven.