3. Phrasal Verbs (1)

3. Phrasal Verbs (1)

Bill tells Tim off for untidiness

Main practice:   Phrasal Verbs
Revision:           will you? (request); Present Perfect

In all these phrasal verbs the obeject can go after or in between the verb and preposition.


clear up  -  to clean and tidy a room, a table, etc. i.e
  • You can't watch television until you've cleared up your bedroom.
  • Clear the living room up, please, you've left your clothes and magazines everywhere.

put away  -  to put things where they are usually kept, i.e.
  • He never puts his clothes away, just leaves them lying on the chair.
  • Let's put away the board game now.

tell off  -  to rebuke or criticise someone when they have done something wrong, i.e.
  • My boss told me off for being late. 
  • She told off the children for breaking the chair.

turn down  -  to reduce a volume of sound, i.e. 
  • Can you turn down the radio, please, it's a bit loud?
  • Can you turn the TV down, please.

wipe up     -      to clean up a spilt liquid, i.e
- Oh, no, I've spilt my fruit juice.
- Never mind, I'll wipe it up.
  • Please wipe up the mess on the table. 


Bill tells off his son, Tim, for being untidy and making a mess. 

Complete the sentences.

Bill:   Tim, will you your clothes and not leave them lying around
            the living room?

Tim:  Mmmm, okay.

Bill:   Now, please. And the kitchen - you've left it in a mess.  I shouldn't
            need to about that.

Tim:   Sure, Dad, just let me finish this movie, there's only another ten minutes.

Bill:   All right, but the sound, it's way too loud. Oh, and
            that tea you've spilt on the coffee table.

Tim:   Mmmm, sure, I will.


Complete the sentences.

wipe up  -  clear up  -  put away  -  turn it down

1. Do the washing up, please, and all the plates.

2. Will you please the living room - you've left it in a mess.

3. That computer is too loud, can you please,

4. Can you please the milk you spilt across the coffee table. 

5. I *can't stand living with Dave and Sue. They never
    their coffee cups. They leave a mess all over the house and never
    it . When their music system is too loud they refuse to
    it . I think we need to ask them to find other student

* can't stand = strong dislike.  
- I can't stand seeing my football team lose.
- She can't stand his rudeness.
- I can't stand cold weather.