6. Offering to help; saying thank you

6. Offering to help; saying thank you

Tim and Katie help with the Bar-B-Q.

Main practise:
     offering to help; saying thank you; phrasal verbs 
Revision:               set up  -  sort out   

(to) give someone a hand - to help someone, i.e.
Can I / shall I give you a hand with your luggage?

-  knives, forks, spoons

much appreciated -  a way of saying thank you, usually to emphasise 'thank you', i.e.
  • Thank you for setting up my computer, much appreciated.

(to) set up -  to put equipment in place ready for operation, i.e.
  • Please set up the film camera in the corner.
  • The band can set up its equipment now.

shall I -    to offer, i.e.
  • Shall I help you with the cooking?
  • Shall I carry your bags for you?

sort out -  (phrasal verb)  to solve a problem; to organise something, i.e.
  • The central heating's not working, can you sort it out?
  • Have you sorted out the guest list for the party yet?
  • My room is a terrible mess, I must sort it out.

(a) terrace  -  a patio; a paved area next to a house


Bill and Sam's children, Tim and Katie, offer to help their father prepare the Bar-B-Q.

Complete the sentences.

Tim:    to the Bar-B-Q oven, Dad?

Bill:    Yes, that would be a big help, thank you.

Tim:   And come to the supermarket with you?

Bill:    No, I'll be fine, thanks. You make a start here and clean up the terrace.

Tim:    No problem.

Katie: I could the cutlery and plates.

Bill:    Great, yes, , Katie.

Katie: , Dad. I'll start now.

Bill:    Thanks. And we'll get the Bar-B-Q oven out of the garage when I get back from the
             supermarket, Tim.

Tim:   Sure thing, Dad.


Complete the sentences.

sorted out  -  set up  -  don't mention it  -  much appreciated 

1.     Where shall we the tents?

2.   - Thanks so much for a wonderful meal.
      -  That's all right, .

3.    Have you the food and drink for the meeing?

4.    Thanks for taking us to the airport and booking the hotel, .

5.    Can you  the computer and powerpoint screen beside
       the window, please?