4. much, many, some, any, few, a little

4. much, many, some, any, few, a little

Bill and Sam plan a dinner party.

Main practice:  much, many, some, any, a few, a little, a lot, lots of
Revision:            (Phrasal Verbs) pick up - run out of 

a few -  with countable nouns, i.e.
  • We have a few bananas.
  • Few people came to the meeting. ('few' without 'a' is more negative)

a little -  with uncountable nouns, i.e. 
  • There's a little coffee left, would you like some?
  • There's only a little rice, we need to buy some more. ('only' adds negative meaning)
  • There's little food left, we've come too late. ('little' without 'a' adds negative meaning too)

any -   questions and negatives, i.e.
  • Have we got any apples?
  • She's lonely, she hasn't got any friends.

many  -  with countable nouns in questions and negatives, i.e. 
  • How many people came to the picnic?
  • There weren't many paintings in the exhibion, it was mainly sculptures. 

much  -  with uncountable nouns in questions and negatives, i.e. 
  • How much exercise have you done today?
  • There isn't much soup, just enough for one cup.

a lot/lots of  -  countable and un-countable nouns, i.e.
  • She has a lot of friends.
  • We don't need to hurry, we have lots of time.

some -  in positive sentences, i.e.
  • There're some biscuits and a lot of cake in the cupboard. 
  • Yes, he's made some friends at university.

pick up  -  to buy some thing, usually this means a small item, i.e.
  • Can you please pick up a newspaper for me when you go to the supermarket? 
  • I'll pick up some vegetables and pasta when I'm out. 

run out of  - you did have a quantity of something but now it has all gone, i.e.
  • I've run out of coffee.
  • We must go, we've run out of time.
* In answer to a question ‘of' is not used.
- Have we got any tea?
- No, we've run out.
Sam and Bill are having a dinner party and are deciding what they need to buy.

Complete the sentences.

Sam: Okay, how pasta have we got?

Bill:   Only , and not many olives.

Sam: Right, we'll buy pasta and olives. Have we got lemons? 

Bill:  , but they won't be enough. And we've  tomatoes.

Sam:  Lemons and tomatoes, okay. What about wine?

Bill:   We've got wine and juice.

Sam: Okay, we don't need wine or juice. Oh, look in the fridge, please,
           is there cream?

Bill:  Only one carton, and only milk.

Sam: Cream and milk, then.

Bill:  And we must remember to some candles.

Sam: Right, yes, okay. Come on, let's go.


Complete the sentences. Use each expression/word only once.

many  -  not much  -  any  -  run out of  -  some  -  pick up  -  a few  -  a lot of  -
a little  

1. There's bread in the freezer, enough for a month.

2. There're only apples, we need to buy more.

3. Have we got rice?

4. How people came to the party?

5.  We've tea, can you get some more, please?

6. - Would you like any sugar in your coffee?
    - Just , please.

7.  I've got biscuits but cake.

8.  Can you some salmon and pasta when you go to the
     supermarket, please?