8. Meeting for the first time; small talk

8. Meeting for the first time; small talk

Sam meets her sister's boyfriend

Main practice:   Meeting someone for the first time; making small talk.
Revision:             Present Perfect 

(to) do something up  - (Phrasal Verb) to renovate; to restore to good condition, make like
                                                new again, i.e.
  • She does up old cars.
  • We're doing up some old furniture this weekend.

estate agent  -  a person who sells houses

so far  -  up to this point in time, i.e.
  • Well, so far the new job's been great.
  • So far, the weather's been good.


Lucy introduces her boyfriend, Matt, to her sister, Sam. Matt explains that he's originally from London and has moved to Downhaven to start his own business, doing up old houses and selling them for a profit. 

Complete the sentences.

Lucy:  Sam, this is Matt. Matt, my sister, Sam.

Sam:  Hi, nice to meet you.

Matt:  . I've heard a lot about you.

Sam:  Most of it good, I hope.

Matt: Oh, all of it good.

Lucy: It's lovely outside. Shall we sit in the garden?

Sam: Good idea. Coffee, Matt, or a beer?

Matt: A beer would be great.

Sam:  Lucy?

Lucy:  Coffee, please.

Sam prepares the food and they sit outside.

Sam:   So, Matt, are you from Downhaven?'

Matt:  No, London, . I was an estate agent but moved to Downhaven 
             three years ago and started my own business.

Sam:  Oh, ?'

Lucy:  Matt buys old houses and does them up.

Matt:  And then I sell them for a profit, hopefully.

Sam:    a good business, Matt.

Matt:   Well, it's been good for me . This is a lovely garden
              you have, Sam. How long have you lived here?

Sam:    About fifteen years. We like it. It's a nice area of town.


Complete the sentences.

That sounds like  -  What do you do  -  so far  -  originally 

-  , Anna?

-  Well, I was a software designer but now I teach  
    physics at high school.

-   *quite a change.

-   It is, but it's been very enjoyable, I love teaching kids.

  * ‘quite' - used here for emphasis, meaning a significant change.