10. Making suggestions (2)

10. Making suggestions (2)

What shall we do?

Main Practice:  Making suggestions; ‘fancy'
Revision:           Present Perfect  -  for ages  -  I suggest  -  Why don't we...? 

to fancy  -  would like to / want to. Followed by + ing or noun, i.e.
  • I fancy a pizza tonight.
  • She fancies going to London next weekend.

Also: to be romantically attracted to someone i.e. 
  • He's fancied Maria for a long time.
  • She fancies John.

for ages  -  (informal) a long time; often used with the Present Perfect. Depending on the
                      topic it might mean a few weeks or years, i.e.
-  I haven't had a holiday for ages. Might mean five years.
-  I haven't bought a newspaper for ages.  Might mean five months. 

Also: it's ages, i.e.
It's ages since I've drunk coffee.

forecast  -  the weather forecast; predicting the weather.

Let's - to make a suggestion. Followed by infinitive i.e.
  • Let's buy a tent and go camping.
  • Let's ask Jane if she'd like to come with us.

 *What about…?   - to make a suggestion . Followed by ing or noun, i.e.
  • What about going swimming later?
- Where shall we go on holiday?
- What about Italy?

* How about...? is also possible.


Bill and Sam discuss how to spend their day.

Complete the sentences.

Sam:   What do you doing this afternoon?

Bill:    seeing a movie, we haven't been to the cinema for ages?

Sam:   No, the weather's lovely,  go for a walk.

Bill:    But the forecast says it's going to rain.

Sam:   The forecast's always wrong.

Bill:     Why don't we go to the gym?

Sam:    No, Bill, I want to do something more relaxing.

Bill:     Well, play tennis, that's relaxing.

Sam:    Not the way you play.

Bill:     All right. We'll have a walk. But an umbrella.


Complete the sentences:

Let's  -  fancy  -  I suggest buying  -  what about   

1.  - What shall we have for dinner tonight?
     - cooking a fish dish, we haven't had fish for ages?

2.   have a party next weekend.

3.  - What do you doing this weekend? 
     - visiting Mark and Sally, we haven't seen them for ages?

4.  Do you seeing that new exhibition at the art gallery tomorrow?

5.  - What shall I get Sue for her birthday?
     - her a book, she loves books.