7. Arranging to meet.

7. Arranging to meet.

Bill arranges to meet Salama.

Main practise:  social expressions for making arrangements 
Revision:            going to (future) - come over - saying goodbye  -  fancy 

All these expressions are colloquial and usually only spoken.

cheers, take care  -  saying goodbye, i.e.
- Bye, John, see you later.
- Cheers, Anna, take care. 

come over - inviting someone to visit your home. i.e.
Come over to our house later, we're having a small party.

do you fancy?  -  would you like to? Followed by ing or noun, i.e.
  • Do you fancy having a walk later?
  • Do you fancy a walk later?

How about? To make suggestions, + noun or ing, i.e.
  • How about pizza tonight?
  • How about going to London next weekend?

How's it going?  -  can be a way of greeting, i.e.

  • Hi, how's it going? (What's generally happening in someone's life.)
    Or, can be specific, i.e.
  • Hi, how's your new job going?
  • Hi, how's the language course going?

hang on - wait a minute  -  let me think again, i.e.
- Can you come to my party this Saturday?
- Yes, sure. Oh, hang on, I've got to baby-sit for my sister. Sorry. 

(my) place  -  my home

Bill phones his friend, Sal, who suggests a bike ride to the village of Dunston where they can have lunch. Bill and Sal arrange to meet and say goodbye.

Complete the sentences.

Bill:  Hi, Sal, ?

Sal: Fine, listen, do you fancy a bike ride this weekend?

Bill: Sure. When?

Sal:  Saturday morning?

Bill: Yes, Sal, that'll be fine. Oh, , I'm going to a football match
          with Tim. Sunday?

Sal: Yeah, that's good. to my place about ten.

Bill: All right. Where do you want to ride?

Sal: *What about Dunston? It's about ten kilometres and we can have 
         lunch there in the tea shop.

Bill: Sounds good. Okay. See you at ten.

Sal: , Bill.

Bill: Bye, now.

*What about / how about - the same meaning: to make a suggestion.


Complete the sentences.

how about (x2)  -  come over  -  how's it going  -  hang on  -  cheers, take care

- Hi, ?

- Fine. And you?

- Great. Listen, do you fancy playing tennis this afternoon?

- No thanks, it's too hot, but a swim?

- OK. What time? 

- Well, to my place about one and we can drive to the beach.

- Fine. Okay. Oh, , I have a piano lesson at twelve-thirty.
   two o'clock?

- Fine, see you then. 

- . Bye now.