1. Linking words (1) + especially

1. Linking words (1) + especially

Tim's head teacher talks to Bill and Sam

Main practice:   linking words + especially
Revision:             Present Perfect  -  Present Perfect Continuous  -  one or two, (sometimes
                                meaning ‘a few')  -  from now on

Linking words:
although - a linking word which contrasts information in the same sentence, i.e.
  • Although he promised to come to my party he didn't turn up.
  • Although she hates the cold she agreed to come skiing.

furthermore - a linking word adding a second meaning in agreement with the first, i.e.
  • Your company delivered our furniture late. Furthermore, two of the chairs were damaged.
  • Climate change is accepted as a reality. Furthermore, most scientists believe it to be human-made.

however - another linker of contrast, often beginning a second sentence, i.e.
  • I do not usually agree with the Prime Minister. However, on this issue I think she is right.
  • Yes, I do like the car you're selling.  However, it's too expensive for me. 

addictive - something that makes a user physiologically or mentally dependent on it, i.e.
  • They say smart phones can be addictive but I'm not so sure.
  • Well, my little brother's addicted to computer games.

especially - in particular; to draw attention to one particular thing, person, etc. i.e.
  • His exam grades were especially good this year.
  • She's looking forward to seeing Paris, especially.
  • She's especially looking foward to seeing Paris.
from now on - from this time forward, i.e.
  • From now on you will finish all your homework before you watch TV.
  • I'm going to go to the gym three times a week, from now on.

poor - in this conversation the word means of bad quality, i.e.
  • Her exam grades were really poor. He has a poor attitude towards his studies.

to be on track - to be focussed on the correct path or schedule, i.e.
  • You must stay on track to do well in the exam.
  • She's on track to get company promotion soon

unfortunately - to introduce a regrettable reality; something the speaker wishes were not
                                true, i.e.
  • Unfortunately, due to bad weather, no aircraft can take off this evening.


Bill and Sam have gone to see the Head Teacher of their son's school to discuss why Tim has not been doing well lately. 

Complete the sentences.

Head:  Tim has been doing very well at school there
              are now, , one or two problems.

Bill:     What kind of problems, Mrs Clark?

Head:  , his concentration is poor. He seems to be asleep half
              the time.

Sam:   Well, we think he's been on his phone and computer when he
             should be sleeping. 

Head:  And, , he's been rude to one or two teachers when
              they ask him to work.

Bill:     That doesn't sound like Tim.

Head:  I agree. He's always had a good reputation in the school and done
              well, , in Maths and English, two subjects he's now failing in.

Sam:    He's been going out with his friends a lot too.

Head:   Well, that, with the late night computer games is probably the answer,
               then. I know young people love these games, , they do seem
               to be addictive to some teenagers.

Bill:     We'll have to take Tim's phone and ipad from him after nine o'clock.

Sam:    Yes, and from now on he only goes out at weekends.

Bill:     All right, Mrs Clark, we'll talk to Tim and let you know how it goes.

Head:   Good. Thank you, I'm sure Tim will get back on track.


Complete the sentences.

unfortunately  -  however (x 2) -  although (x 2) -  firstly  - furthermore

Remember: use capital letters where necessary.

1. Yes, the house is cheap.  , the rooms are small and there's no garden.   

2. It's raining. So, , the picnic is off.

3.   she's enjoyed working for the company she feels now it's time to leave.

4. Well, , your waiters were lazy. Secondly, the room was dirty. And,      
     , there was no hot water for the shower.

5. Well, they spent a lot of money on the party people didn't
    really enjoy it. The music was too loud and the food wasn't very nice.  
    , there was a lovely garden with a pool so we went for a swim.