2. First Conditional

2. First Conditional

Bill speaks to one of his pupils.

Main Practice:   First Conditional
Revision:             (Phrasal Verbs) look after - find out

The First Conditional
If + present simple + *will 

*can/could/may/might are also possible but we'll just use will for this conversation.

The first conditional is used to:
Talk about possible actions in the future, i.e.
If it rains, we'll go to the cinema.
If you don't phone her, she won't come.
If she works hard, she'll pass the exam.

The clauses can be turned around and then you don't need a comma, i.e.
We'll go to the cinema if it rains.
She won't come if you don't phone her.
She'll pass the exam if she works hard.

grades - the mark given in a test or exam, i.e. A, B, C - 1,2,3

find out - (Phrasal Verb) to discover information, a fact, a truth, i.e.
  • I found out why Luke didn't come to your party.
  • Can you find out the times of the trains to London, please?
  • Have you found out the date of the interview?

look after - (Phrasal Verb) to protect, take care of, i.e.
  • Can you look after the children when I go to the supermarket?
  • Yes, you can borrow my guitar, but please look after it.

social services - UK government organisations providing welfare services to the public


Bill is a history teacher in high school and is discussing school work with, Shammy, one of his pupils.

Complete the sentences. 

Bill:            If you work hard, do well in the exams.

Shammy:  Yes, Sir.

Bill:            You want to do well, don't you?

Shammy:   Yes, Sir, but…

Bill:             But what?

Shammy:   Well, Sir, my Dad died a few years ago and if I help my mum
                      look after my brothers and sisters she'll be too tired to do her job.

Bill:             So it's difficult to find the time for study?

Shammy:   Yes, Sir.

Bill:              I understand. But if you don't study you get the grades you
                       need to go to university.

Shammy:    I know. And I want to go to university, Sir.

Bill:              What you study, if you go to university?

Shammy:    Your subject, Sir, history, and international relations.

Bill:              Okay, well, look, I'll phone Social Services and find out if we
                       can get your mum  some extra help. If you and see me
                       tomorrow we'll talk about it, all right?

Shammy:    Yes, Sir, and thank you, Sir.


Complete the sentences.

1. If I get some money for my birthday, buy a new computer.

2. She won't help you if you ask her to.

3. If we get lost, * phone you.

4. you help John, if he pays you? 

5. She won't come to the party if she feel better.

6. If he doesn't work harder lose his job.

7. If you don't help me we have the meal ready in time.

8. Dad will give me five pounds I wash the car.

* I'll  would also be possible here.