4. Phrasal Verbs (2)

4. Phrasal Verbs (2)

Sam phones her friend, Liz.

Main Practice:  Phrasal Verbs
Revision:             unless

come round / come over - to visit someone, i.e. 
  • Come round to my place for a meal tonight.
  • She's coming over for coffee later. 

carry on -  to continue something, i.e.
  • Right, now you've had a break let's carry on with the lesson.
  • After recovering from her illness she carried on studying for her degree.

run out of -  a supply of something has been used up or is finished, i.e. 
  • The photocopier's run out of paper, can you load some more?
  • I've run out of pasta, shall we have baked potatoes?
  • The meeting must finish now, we've run out of time. 

set up -  i) to start a business, i.e. 
  • He's set up a restaurant in Canterbury.
  • She's setting up a new softeware company in France.

                ii) to prepare equipment for use, i.e. 
  • Can you set up the computer in the living room, please?
  • The film crew are setting up their cameras in the garden. 

such a whizz  -  (slang) very good at something, i.e.
  • She's such a whizz at mending cars. 

hopeless -  no hope of success; unable to succeed, i.e.
  • The team can't win now, it's hopeless.
  • I'm hopeless at maths. 

to give someone a hand - to help them, i.e.
  • Can you give me a hand to take the suitcases to the car, please?

unless - if something doesn't happen, something else will, or won't, happen, i.e.
  • Unless it's raining we'll go for a picnic.
  • I won't help you unless you pay me. 
  • We won't be able to afford a holiday unless we start saving money now.


Sam needs help to set up her new computer and phones her friend, Liz, who needs help planning how to decorate her house. The two women agree to help each other.

Complete the sentences.

Sam:  Hi, what are you doing tomorrow morning?

Liz:    Well, the weather's fine I was going to
            planning how to decorate the house.

Sam:  And if the weather's fine?

Liz:    I thought I'd go for a nice long walk. Why?

Sam:  Well, I've got to my new computer, printer and everything
            and as you're such a whizz with technology I was hoping you could
            help me.

Liz:    What about Bill?

Sam: Oh, he's even more hopeless than me with technology, and he's
           working anyway.

Liz:   All right, I'll and give you a hand.

Sam: Oh, thanks, that's great.

Liz:   And then when we've finished maybe you can to my
           place, help with the plans for decorating. I've ideas.

Sam: Of course, Liz, I'd love to.


Complete the sentences.

carried on  -  Unless  -  come round  -  set up  -  run out of 

1. Why don't you later for coffee?

2. Can you the camera in that corner, please?

3. We've cake, will biscuits be alright? 

4. After having her baby she training to be a lawyer.

5. he works harder he won't pass the exam.

Use the same language here but change tenses where necessary.

6.  At the moment he's a new internet publishing business
     in London but he's   with his hotel business in Brighton.
     Actually, I'm a bit bored with it all; whenever he to see
     me all he talks about is his businesses. To be honest, I'm
     patience with him: next time he tells me what a clever businessman
     he is I'm going to tell him to get lost.