15. Everyday Expressions

Tim stands up for himself with the bully.

Main Practice:  Everyday expressions
Revision:            Present Perfect  -  Present Perfect Continuous

to break up a fight  - to stop a fight, i.e.
Two of my students were fighting. I had to break it up and got punched in the mouth.

(to be) in trouble
 -  to be facing difficulties or problems, especially with someone in
                                         authority,  i.e.

  • I'm in trouble: I spilt ink all over our new sofa.
  • She's in big trouble: she was caught cheating in her university exams.
  • He's in trouble with the police again; stealing cars, this time.

    I've had enough of  -  to have had as much, or too much, of something, i.e.
  • I've had enough of studying; I'm going to take a gap year before going to university.
- Where're you going, the movie's not finished?
- I'm going home. I've had enough of this movie, it's boring.

(to) make matters worse  -  to make a situation worse, i.e. 

  • Firstly, we missed the bus and then, to make matters worse, it poured with rain.
  • He was late for her birthday dinner but, also, to make matters worse, he forgot her present.

    (to) stand up for yourself  -  to defend yourself, fight for yourself, defend your opinion, i.e.
- My boss keeps attacking me, saying my work isn't good enough, but I know it is.
- Then stand up for yourself, tell him he's wrong.

  • I grew up with five brothers. I soon learnt that you have to stand up for yourself.

(to be) suspended from school  -  a punishment for bad behaviour: the student cannot go to
                                                                   school for a set period of time, i.e.
  • She's been suspended for a week for damaging school equipment.

*who on earth...?  -  (Informal)to express surprise, annoyance, i.e.

  • Who on earth has taken my newspaper, I was still reading it?
-  She designed an app, which she sold for a half a million pounds.
-  Who on earth told you that? It's not true.

*Also with other pronouns:   
-Where on earth have you been?

-Why on earth did you do that?
-How on earth have I spent so much money?
Tim has had a fight at school with a boy who was bullying him. Both boys have been suspended from school so Tim has come home early and Sam, his mother, is not happy at his news. 

Complete the sentences.

Sam:  You're home early.

Tim:  I'm , Mum.

Sam:  Why, what's happened.

Tim:  I've been suspended from school for fighting.

Sam:  Fighting? were you fighting with?

Tim:  Clark Davis. He's been bullying me. I was going to talk to the school counsellor about it
           when Clark saw me in the corridor and pushed me over.

Sam:  And what then?

Tim:  , so I hit him and we had a fight.

Sam:  You hit him and . Now you're suspended. 

Tim:  I had .

Sam:  You can do that without violence. Anyway, then what happened?

Tim:  A teacher and took us to the *Head. We're both suspended for
           three days. There'll be an enquiry.

* Head Teacher


Complete the sentences with the language you've practised.

stand up for yourself  -  I've had enough of  -  in trouble  -  
to make matters worse  -  Who on earth

1.   did that painting, it's awful?

2.  She's . She borrowed £20,000 from the bank and now can't repay it.

3.  I got up too late to have breakfast then, , the car wouldn't start so
     I had to walk to work and was late.

4.  It's raining again. this weather; I think I'll move to a country with a 
     better climate.

5.  -  I never disagree with the manager. I do what she says, even when her ideas are stupid.
     -  That's crazy. You've got to : tell her she's wrong and suggest
         a better idea.

6.     - left the kitchen in such a mess?
        - David.
        - Well, he's . him: he never cleans or tidies anything.
        - Yes, and he plays music loud late at night when I'm trying
           to get to sleep.
        - We should ask him to respect others in the flat or find somewhere else to live.
        - I agree.