2. Discussion language

2. Discussion language

Save the old library!

Main practice:  Discussion Language
Revision:            Present Perfect  -  shouldn't  -  need  -  Future Simple  -  look after

in my opinion -  saying what you think
  • In my opinion the town doesn't need another coffee shop.

absolutely  -  strong agreement
  • Absolutely. There are far too many coffee shops here already. 

I don't accept that  -  I disagree. Usually replying to a reason or an excuse, i.e.
- She says she intended to pay back the money when  she borrowed it.
- I don't accept that. I think she always knew she wouldn't be able to pay back the money.

- He says he shouldn't pay us any rent because we're his parents and this is his home.
- I don't accept that. He's twenty five and has a job, he can help with the household costs.

-  a linking word, meaning here is another point in support of an argument, i.e.
  • This is the worst hotel I've ever stayed in. The rooms are dirty, the showers don't work and, moreover, the food is terrible. 
  • She is often late for class and never does her homework. Moreover, she's rude to teachers.

to demolish
  -  to knock down / destroy a building, i.e.
  • They've demolished the old cinema. It's very sad. 


Sam is a journalist. She's interviewing two local politicians. David wants to demolish the old town ibrary but Jane thinks it's beautiful and wants to keep it. 

Complete the sentences.

Sam:     Now, Jane Higgins, you want to keep the old library and improve it.

Jane:     Yes, I do, it's a beautiful building and we
                shouldn't it.

Sam:     But, David, you disagree.

David:  I do. In my view, the building is too old to be a modern library.

Jane:     . Many local people think the building is beautiful and
                we need beautiful buildings.

David:  , but we need beautiful buildings that are suitable for the 21st
                century. The building is too old and will cost too much to look after.

Jane:    I disagree. Keeping the library will be cheaper than demolishing it and
               building a new library. , a beautiful building will be there
               for future generations to enjoy.


Complete the sentences.

moreover  -  in my opinion  -  I don't accept that 

A teacher is criticising a student.

You say you haven't had time to do your homework. I'm sorry, but .

You've had one week to complete the essay. , I spent half an hour giving

you special advice how you could research the topic and write the essay. ,

you're not trying hard enough, and if you don't do better I shall have to speak to

your parents.