5. Common Expressions (2)

5. Common Expressions (2)

Liz pops round

Main Practice:   Common Expressions
Revision:              by the way  -  come on

getting on better (with) - improved relationship with someone or something, i.e.
  • She's getting on better with her sister now.
  • He's getting on better with his studies now.
  • He's getting on better with his tennis skills now he has a new trainer.

how's it (all) going? - how are things in a person's life, generally, i.e.
- Hi, how's it going?
- Fine, thanks, how're you?

how's X going? - how are things specifically, i.e.
  • How's your job going?
  • How's her computer course going?

I see your point - I understand what you are saying, i.e.
-  ...so, actually, robot technology will be create more jobs.
-  I see your point, however, I must disagree because.....

pick up  -  various meanings, here it means something is improving, i.e.
  • His health is picking up now.
  • Car sales have been picking up for six months.

(to) pop round  -  to visit someone or go somewhere nearby for a short time, i.e.
- I'll pop round for coffee later.
- I'm just popping round to the supermarket, I won't be long.


Liz pops round to help Sam set up her computer and the two friends chat about each other's lives.

Complete the sentences. 

Sam: Nice of you to , Liz, thanks.

Liz: That's okay.  ?

Sam: Fine, thanks. Yeah, family, work…it's all fine. How about you?

Liz:   Fine, too. The kids are well. Me and Andrew are ; we spend most
           weekends together now.

Sam: For the children?

Liz:    Well, yes, but we actually do enjoy each other's company.

Sam:  Maybe you two should get married again.

Liz:    Well, I'm not sure I could live with Andrew again. I'm a business-woman, he's a
            painter and poet. I like life to be organised. He hates being organised.

Sam:  . By the way, how's your business going?

Liz:     Could be better. Sales have been slow for a few weeks but they
             always are this time of year. They'll .

Sam:  Come on, let me make you a coffee.

Complete the sentences. 

see your point -  popped round  -  getting on with  -  picking up  -  going   

1.  - How's your language course ?
     - Fine thanks, it was difficult at first but I'm it much
        better now.

2.    John and Dave last night for a meal. It was great to see
       them again.

3.    Yes, I  do , and I agree, it will be crowded this time of year,
        but if we don't see Venice now we'll have to wait until next year.

4.    No one was coming in my shop this morning, but business is