4. Collocations for remembering

4. Collocations for remembering

Sam looks through the family photo album

Main Practice:    collocations about remembering
Revision:               passive - by the way - pretty + adjective


cramp - painful muscle contraction

donkey - animal like a small horse; used to give rides to children on British beaches

guest house - house where people stay on holiday

if I remember rightly - if my memory is correct 

it's coming back to me - I'm becoming consciously aware of memories

it slipped my mind - I forgot 

life guard - a qualified person able to save swimmers at beaches and public pools

to vaguely remember - to remember, but not clearly

to vividly remember - to remember very clearly


Sam is looking through photographs of their family holiday in Cornwall, (a county in South-West England) ten years ago.

Complete the sentences.

Sam:  Oh, look, our holiday in Cornwall ten years ago. Do you remember it, Tim,
            you were only five?

Tim:   Not really. But I can remember being put on a donkey.

Sam:  And you fell off.

Tim:   I don't remember that.

Bill:   Well, I nearly drowning when I was swimming and
            got cramp. That was .

Sam:  That's right, and that life-guard jumped in the sea to rescue you.

Bill:   And in the guest house there was that old man who smoked a cigarette in bed
           and fell asleep and his bed caught fire.

Sam:  I . Thank God, he got out before he was burnt but
            we called the fire brigade and didn't get much sleep for the rest of the night.

Tim:   Oh, I remember that now, .

Bill:    And  it rained almost every day.

Sam:   It did. It was a pretty disastrous holiday. By the way, have you booked a table
             at the pub for lunch on Sunday?

Bill:     Ah, God, no. . I'll do it now.


Complete the sentences.

vividly remember  -  it's coming back to me  -  it slipped my mind  -  vaguely  -  remember it well  -  an unforgettable experience  - if I remember rightly

1.  We skied down the mountain by moonlight, it was .

2.  I only remember my first day at school.

3.  - What time's the meeting on Friday?
     - Well, I'm not sure, but , it's three o'clock.

4.  Oh no, I forgot to order a taxi; .

5.  I the day she was born, every detail is clear in my mind.

6.  - Do you remember Jake's party last year?
     - Oh yes, I .

7.  - Come on, you must remember that day at the beach, here, look at the photographs.
     - All right, yes, now, .