7. Antonyms

7. Antonyms

Barty, Bill and Sam's neighbour, has his house burgled.

Main practice:   antonyms
Revision:             future in the past (was going to) clear up

Match the antonyms, for example Rich-Poor, and fill the gap with the correct word:

* at random - 
chosen without  plan

1. cautious                           

2. cowardly                               

3. professional                   

4. sober                                       

5. specifically                    

6. timid                                  

7. shook up (upset)                   

8. villain  


Bill and Sam's neighbour, Barty, woke up to find *burglars in his house. He called the police and scared them away. 

*burglars - people who steal from people's homes.

Sam:     Are you OK?

Barty:  Yes, thanks, Sam. I'm a bit , but I'm OK.

Bill:      What happened?

Barty:   I was asleep and heard something downstairs so I got up and went down.

Sam:      That was very of you.

Barty:   *Nah, not really. I thought it was the cat. Anyway, there were two of them,
                in the living room, about to steal my computer. I shouted at them and
                they laughed, I think they were . I shut the door and locked it
                and told them I was going to call the police.

Bill:        What did they do?

Barty:    They ran out the back window. Same way they got in. I don't know
                 why the alarm didn't go off. I've always been very about
                 home security.

Sam:      You scared them off. You're a , Barty.

Barty:    I think they were and targeted my house

Bill:        Well, it was very bold of you go downstairs and shout at them like that.

Barty:     Didn't really think about it. Just did it.

*Nah = No


Complete the sentences.

cowardly  -  shook up / shaken up  -  careless  -  calm  -  professional  -  specifically  -  amateur 

1. Yes, he played football for years but now he's given up his
     job and turned .

2.  We asked for a double room with a bathroom and you've
     given us a single without a bathroom.

3.  He was very . He was cleaning the table when he knocked over
     and smashed the vase.

4.  It was a scary flight. The plane hit a lot of turbulence. I was very
      and promised myself I'd never fly again but
     Jane, my wife, was the opposite, she was the whole time.

5.  Making your assistant * sack that young man was . It was
     your responsibility and you should have done it.

*to sack someone - to tell them they have lost their job.