9. Discussion Language (3)

9. Discussion Language (3)

Bill kills the neighbours' cat.

Main Practice:  Discussion Language + suggest
Revision:             Present Perfect - Future Simple - Phrasal Verbs: calm down - go round  -
                                I take your point  

(to) bury  -  to put a dead body in a grave dug in the ground

I take your point - I agree with that part of what the speaker is saying; also: I understand
                                      what you're saying but might still disagree, i.e.
- If we have the meeting tomorrow I won't have time to notify all the departments.
- All right, I take your point, shall we say the day after tomorrow, then?

- He has worked hard for the company and deserves promotion.
- I take your point. However, I disagree, he works hard but has too much time off
  for illness. 

good point -  I agree, i.e.
- If we leave now we'll be too early for the movie.
- Good point. Let's have lunch first. 

(to) reverse - to move backwards, especially in a car or vehicle.

suggest - to put forward a plan or idea. There are three common structures, i.e.
1) I suggest + that + clause:
  • I suggest that you see a doctor.
  • She suggests that we leave as soon as the weather improves.

2) I suggest + ing:
  • I suggest seeing a movie tonight.
  • He suggests speaking to her about it after the meeting.

3) I suggest + noun:
- What shall we eat tonight?
- I suggest a pizza.

- Where shall we go for our weekend break?
- I suggest Amsterdam, it's a great city. 


Bill was reversing the car out of the garage to go to work when he heard a terrible screech. He got out of the car to discover that he's killed their next-door neighbour's cat, Barney.

Complete the sentences.

Sam:  You look terrible.

Bill:   I was just reversing the car out of the garage and…I've killed
            Mr and Mrs Jones' cat.

Sam:  Oh no, they loved Barney.

Tim:  Well, I burying Barney in the garden and saying nothing.

Bill:   Yes, I , if we tell them the truth they'll hate me and we want 
            to have good relations  with our neighbours.

Sam:  I but that's dishonest.

Bill:   All right. Well, I'll tell Mr and Mrs Jones' I found Barney dead in
            the road.

Sam:  Bill, that's dishonest too.

Bill:   I , it's the truth. I did find Barney dead in the road. I just
            won't say it was me that killed him.

Tim:   I don't think that's a good idea, Dad. One of our other neighbours
             might've seen you hit Barney.

Sam:   Listen, , we have to be honest. So I that we
             all go round to Mr and Mrs Jones' and say how sorry we are but…

Bill:    But we just murdered your cat!!! Great idea, Sam! 

Tim:    Mum's right, Dad. Why don't we just go round now and give them Barney
              and apologise.

Bill:    Fantastic thinking, Tim. "Mr and Mrs Jones, good morning, here's your
             dead cat, have a nice breakfast!"

Sam:   Look, may I a cup of tea and that we calm down...and think about it.

Bill:     All right, yes, I could use a cup of tea, good idea.


Complete the sentences.

take your point  -  agree  -  suggest  -  disagree 

A:    I having a holiday in the UK this year.

B:     I , we always go abroad, let's have a change and see more of
         our own country.

C:     Well, I , you can never depend on the weather in our country.
         We could have rain, thunderstorms, snow, anything, and I want sunshine.

A:     I , but we don't have much money this year and having
         our holiday here will be cheaper.

B:     And there're many beautiful places to see in the UK, even if it is raining.