7. Discussion Language (1)

7. Discussion Language (1)

Sam gives money to a beggar.

Main Practice:    Discussion Language
Revision:            participle clauses

according to - means X said that, i.e.
  • According to David, it's not a good movie.
  • It's going to rain this afternoon, according to the weather forecast.

in the long run - a long time ahead, i.e.
  • In the long run it will be a good business.

I take your point - I agree with what you are saying in this part of the conversation, i.e.
- All drugs should be legalised. It would reduce crime.
- I take your point. However, it might also increase the number of drug users.

it's plain that - it's obvious; clear; easy to understand, i.e.
  • It's plain that the governement has made a serious mistake.
  • It's plain that he doesn't love her.

a) I tend to think - I'm inclined to think; I usually think, i.e.
  • I tend to think she should listen more to the advice of her staff.
  • I tend to think people are in too much of a hurry nowadays.

b) tend to - usually, i.e.
  • People don't tend to stay in the same area they grew up in these days. (usually they don't)
  • For some reason the postman tends to be late on Fridays. (s/he is usually late)

On the whole - generally, mostly, i.e.
  • On the whole, it was a good holiday.
  • I enjoyed my time at university, on the whole.

(Oh) rubbish - strong disagreement; possibly offensive if you don't know the
                              person well, i.e.
- On the whole, the director's doing a good job and deserves his bonus.
- Oh, rubbish, how can you say that when sales are down by twenty percent?

- We don't have a problem with air pollution in this town.

- You're talking rubbish, the air in some streets is actually dangerous to health.


Bill and Sam have walked by man begging in the street. Sam has given him some money. Bill is not sure that was a good idea.

Complete the sentences.

Bill:  Why did you give him money?

Sam: Bill, he was hungry.

Bill:  Personally, most of them are just lazy: begging's an
           easy way of making a living.

Sam: Oh rubbish, Bill, it can't be any fun sitting in the freezing cold all day
           for a few pounds.

Bill:  Well, the newspaper most beggars spend the money on
           alcohol or drugs.

Sam: , but society needs to be more understanding, maybe
           some beggars really need our money for food.

Bill:   Perhaps, but I still think that, , they use the money for
            drink or drugs.

Sam:  You have no proof of that.

Bill:   Well, giving a few pounds won't help. , the government
            has to do more to help the homeless.

Sam:  Now there I do agree.


Complete these sentences. (Remember to use capital letters where necessary.)

Use each expression once.

I take your point  -  I tend to think  -  it's plain that  -  according to  -  
in the long run  -  on the whole    

1.   he doesn't intend to repay the money, anyone can see that. 

2.   , I find most students in my group very friendly.

3.   , however, I can't completely agree with you.

4.   borrowing large amounts of money is not a good idea.

5.   the weather forecast it's going to rain tomorrow. 

6.   Right now, it's not making much money but, , I believe
      it will be a successful business.