6. Common Expressions (6)

6. Common Expressions (6)

Bill and Sam make decisions.

Main Practice:  Common Expressions
Revision:            grand (£1000) (slang)  -  a quid (£1.00) (slang)  -  at least

(to) blow  -  (informal) to waste money, or waste a chance, i.e.
  • He blew all money at the casino.
  • She had a chance of getting the job but she was late for the interview and blew it.

common sense  -  to have good practical judgement, i.e. 
- I'm worried: he's won all that money and he's only eighteen.
- Don't worry: he's got plenty of common sense, he won't do anything stupid with it.

hold on  -  wait a moment, i.e.
- Come on, let's go, we'll be late.
- Hold on, I haven't put my shoes on yet.

make up your mind  -  make a decision
  • The decorator's waiting to buy the paint. You must make up your mind what colour you want the living room.

more or less -  approximately, i.e.
  • I more or less know which career I want.
  • There're a couple of small problems but she's more or less happy in her new house.
1. treat  (verb)  -  to behave in a certain way, i.e.
- He doesn't treat his mother well.
- That's no way to treat school equipment.

2. treat   (verb/noun)  -  a) to pay for someone.
               (noun)             -   b) something enjoyable.
a) Let's go and see a movie, I'll treat you.
a) I'll pay for this meal - my treat.
b) It was a real treat to see her perform live on stage.
b) It was a great treat to see her so happy on her birthday.


Tim asks his mum and dad what they are going to do with the lottery money they've won and is pleased with their answer.

Complete the sentences.

Tim:  So, Mum and Dad, have you what to do with the lottery win?

Sam: , yes, we're thinking of using half the money for you
           and Katie and me and Dad to ourselves to something we
           want, and then save the rest towards a family holiday next summer.

Tim:  Wow, half. That's five grand. And, er, split four ways that's one thousand
            two hundred and fifty each.

Bill:   , we're hoping that you and Katie will show some
            and save some of the money we give you.
Sam:  Yes, at least half.

Tim:  No problem. I quite like the idea of having six hundred quid
            in my bank account.

Bill:  Well, don't the money.

Tim:   I won't, Dad, promise.


Complete the sentences.

hold on  -  more or less  -  blow  -  blown  -  treat  -  make up your mind  -  
common sense

1.  You should be studying. You've got an exam tomorrow and and your
     teachers expect you to do well. Don't it.

2.  You shouldn't your girl-friend like that - you've got no respect.

3.  - Have you finished decorating the house?
     - , we've only got to do the ceiling in the hallway to do now.

4.  - You should never have lent him the money. He's got no .
        He's it all on going out and taking taxis everywhere.
      - , I didn't lend him any money.
      - Really? Where did he get it from, then?
      - I really don't know.

5.  Come on, are we going to Jan's party or not, .