5. Common Expressions (5)

5. Common Expressions (5)

Bill and Sam have a lottery win.

Main Practice:  Common Expressions  
Revision:             by the way  -  kidding  -  sensible  -  what shall we do

by the way  -  to introduce a topic into the conversation, i.e.
  • ...so he's moved to London. By the way, I saw a brilliant movie last night.

a grand  -  (slang) one thousand pounds            

it's a good job -    it's a good thing, i.e. 
  • It's a good job I reminded Ali about my party: he'd forgotten the date.

kidding  -  joking, i.e.
  • I was just kidding when I said your haircut looks terrible, it's great, really.

on its last legs  -  when a machine, a car, a washing machine, television, etc.
                                    is at the end of its working life, i.e. 
  • I must get a new washing machine, ours is on its last legs.

*pick up  - (various meanings), here, to buy a small item, i.e.  
- We've run out of coffee.
- Okay, I'll pick some up / pick up some when I go to the supermarket.

sensible  -   showing good practical judgement; common sense; i.e.
  • Well, the sensible thing is to check if he already has that CD before buying it for him.

torn between  -  finding it difficult to decide between two options, i.e. 
  • I'm torn between buying Anthony a new watch or a really nice jacket for his birthday. 

* pick up can also mean to collect someone in a car, or to learn something without formal    
   study, i.e.
  • I'll pick you up for the party at eight.
  • She picked up Spanish by working in a Spanish high school.


Sam has won £10,000 on the lottery. She and husband, Bill, try to decide what to do with the money. And Bill mentions that daughter, Katie, is coming home from university this weekend. 

Complete the sentences.

Sam:  You know, I remembered to buy a ticket, I nearly forgot.

Bill:   Well, you didn't, and we won ten grand. What shall we do with it?

Sam:  “We”…? Hey, my ticket, my money.

Bill:   Oh.

Sam:  Only kidding, darling. Our money. And I'm us having
            a fantastic holiday or a new car. What do you think?

Bill:   Car. Ours is .

Sam: Mmmm, that's the sensible option. But…

Bill:  Yes, we do need a good holiday.  , Katie phoned to say
           she's coming home this weekend.

Sam: Yes, I know. I must some of that herb tea that she drinks.

Bill:  Well, let's go to the supermarket now then.


Complete the sentences. (Remember to use a capital letter where necessary.)

it's a good job  -  pick up  -  pick you up  -  on its last legs  -  torn between  -
by the way

1.  So we'll see you on Saturday. Oh, , do you still have that
     freezer that you didn't  want? Ours is .

2.  - How many of your friends are *coming round tonight?
     - About seven, mum.
     - Seven?  I bought a lot of snacks and juice this morning.

3.  I'm taking Ben to Paris for his birthday or buying him a
     new suit. I really can't decide.

4. Can you some more pasta when you go to the shops, please?

5.  The movie starts at seven so I'll at 6.30.

* coming round  -  visiting / coming to your home