4. Common Expressions (4)

4. Common Expressions (4)

Katie's evening out.

Main Practice:   Common Expressions (4)
Revision:              Sequencers:  first...then...finally...  -  by the way

as long as  -   but only if, i.e. 
  • As long as you finish your work you can go home at five.
  • Sure I'll join you at the restaurant, as long as you're paying.

by the way -  to introduce a new topic, i.e. 
  • ...so I'll go to university in September. By the way, do you still want to sell your guitar?

ended up -  eventually. Often followed by ing or a noun, i.e. 
  • She studied medicine in Vienna and ended up teaching heart surgery in London.
  • His teachers said his maths was terrible but he ended up being a respected physicist.
  • She started as an office assistant and ended up director of the company.

fond of -  feeling affection / liking for someone / something, i.e.
  • She's fond of taking long walks on her own.
  • He's very fond of his nieces.
  • I'm rather fond of strawberry cheesecake.

pretty + adjective -    almost as strong as ‘very', i.e.
  • He's a pretty good cook.
  • The movie was pretty bad, but I enjoyed the book.


Katie tells her mother about her evening out with an old friend, Harry, and asks to borrow her mother's car.

Complete the sentences.

Sam:     Did you have a good evening?

Katie:  Great. It was lovely to see Harry again, I'm very him.

Sam:    What did you do?

Katie:  Well, first we had dinner at that new Italian place. Then we saw
               a movie. Then we had a walk along the sea-front
               and, finally, we at the Beachcomber Cafe for coffee.
               Oh, , can I borrow the car tomorrow?

Sam:    Yes, you drive carefully, and don't let your friends
              smoke in it.

Katie:  Yes, Mum, fine.


Complete the sentences. (Remember to use capital letters where necessary.)

pretty  -  ended up  -  by the way  -  as long as  - fond of     

1. He didn't study for a year and so he failing the exam.

2. She's walking in the park opposite her house; it gives her
    a lot of pleasure

3. I'll lend you twenty pounds you pay me back at the weekend.

4. He's bad at tennis but good at football.

5. Yes, it was a lovely holiday. , did you speak to John about the party?

6. -  Well, it doesn't rain, we'll go for a picnic. , have you 
        invited Susie?
    -  Of course, I'm very Susie.