3. Common Expressions (3)

3. Common Expressions (3)

Bill and Sam get lost.

Main practice:  Common Expressions 3 
Revision:            you had (you'd) better…  (to give advice)  -  by the way

* to have a sense of direction - a good awareness of direction, i.e.
  • We won't need a map to get back to the hotel; I have a good sense of direction. 

let's face it - accept the reality, i.e. 
  • Let's face it, we're working too hard, we need to take a break.

half the time - for 50% of  the time X happens, i.e.
  • She's a terrible boss, half the time she's not even in the office.
  • It's a rubbish computer; half time it won't get me on the Internet.

come in handy - be useful, i.e.
  • To have a photo-copier at home would come in handy.
  • It would be handy to have good food blender.

it slipped my mind - I forgot, i.e. 
- Did you ask Duncan if we can borrow his computer?
- Oh no, it slipped my mind. I'll phone him now.

it's a good job - it's a good thing, i.e. 
  • It's a good job we got a taxi, the bus wouldn't have got us to the cinema in time.
  • Look at those clouds, it's going to rain. It's a good job I brought an umbrella.

* other collocations with 'sense of' 
- to have a sense of humour
- to have a sense of colour
- to have a sense of fairness


Bill and Sam are taking a weekend break in the south-west of England. They've gone for a walk but have got lost. Bill forgot to bring a map. They phone their guest house to find their way back. 

Complete the sentences.

Sam:  : we're lost.

Bill:   Don't worry, I have an excellent .

Sam:  Really, which way's our guest house, then?

Bill:   Erm…

Sam:  I told you a map would .

Bill:   Sorry, to buy one.

Sam:  And, by the way, buying that sat-nav for the car was a waste of money.

Bill:   It was, I agree, they give the wrong directions

Sam:  Well, anyway, I've got my phone.

Bill:   Right, yes, you'd better call the guest house and ask for directions.


Complete the sentences.

let's face it  -  half the time  -  it's a good job  -  sense of humour  -  comes in handy  -  it slipped my mind

1. You don't have any money? Well, I've got my credit card.

2.  : you're not studying hard enough for your exams, you got to
     spend more time on your studies.

3.  She never laughs, she's got no .

4.  It to keep some cash in your wallet.

5.  Sorry, I forgot to buy the tickets,

6.  That student's attendance is bad, they're not coming to college at all.