1. Common Expressions (1)

1. Common Expressions (1)

Bill and Sam decide to take a break.

Main practice:  Common Expressions
Revision:             fancy  -  coming round

crazy  -  mad; but here it means very busy, i.e.
The restaurant was just crazy tonight. 

 *what about -  to ask a question / make a suggestion, often followed by ing or a noun, i.e.
  • What about the theatre, did you book the tickets?
  • What about taking a break next weekend? We could go to Paris. 
* Also  -  How about 

 *messed up -  untidy, i.e.
His room his completely messed up. 

* Also  -  (informal) to make mistakes, i.e.
  • She really messed up her exam.  
  • I messed up the job interview.

pretty  -  similar to ‘very' but not as strong; usually spoken English, i.e.
  • He's a pretty good cook.
  • The film was pretty bad.

whacked  -  very tired, i.e.
- I've been playing basketball all afternoon; I'm really whacked. 

sensible  -  having good judgment / a good idea, i.e.
- I think it would be sensible to leave early in morning, the roads are going to be busy.
- We think it's fine for her to cycle on the road; she fourteen now and a very sensible child. 

to fancy -      to want / would like to… and romantic attaction. Followed by noun or ing, i.e.
  • I fancy a pizza tonight.
  • I fancy relaxing in the garden this afternoon.
  • I think she fancies David.


Bill and Sam have had a very busy week. Bill suggests taking a weekend break and they decide their son, Tim, can be trusted to be alone in the house for the weekend.

Complete the sentences. 

Sam:  I'm , it's been a week.

Bill:   Let's take a break this weekend, just you and me. 

Sam:  Tim?

Bill:   He's seventeen. He can look after himself for a weekend.

Sam:  Well, I don't want him having a party and the house getting .

Bill:   He won't do that. He's sensible now.

Sam:  All right. Where do you going?

Bill:   Cornwall, we haven't been there for a long time. 

Sam:  Mmm, okay, good idea.

Bill:   Right, I'll go on the Internet and find a guest house for us.


Complete the sentences.

pretty  -  whacked  -  what about  -  fancy  -  crazy  -  messed up

1. - Do you want to go out clubbing tonight?
     - No thanks, I've had a long day, I'm .

2. We must keep the children out of my office, they've completely my desk.

3. - Has your restaurant been busy tonight?
    - Busy?! It's been totally .

4. - How was the party?
    - good, though the food had all been eaten by the time we got there.

5.   the theatre this weekend, I seeing a play?