About Us

About Us

Our Aim
English Talk It's aim is not only to help you develop your English through conversations about situations in everyday life but also to focus on important topics and issues for human society, for example, climate change or the effects of fast-moving technologies. Some situations are developed through two or more Conversations but each Conversation can be practised as an individual unit. The language in English Talk It is recycled and revised across different conversations and different levels.

At present there are four levels in English Talk It: Pre-Intermediate, (B1); Intermediate, (B1-B2); Upper Intermediate,(B2); and Advanced, (C1). However, these are not exclusive and you will be able to learn useful English from Conversations outside the level you think you are, especially from lower levels, particularly in the Everyday English sections.

The Conversations
The Everyday English Conversations provide practice of expressions used in everyday speech such as saying ‘Hello' or ‘Goodbye', making small talk, using discussion language, idioms, common expressions, phrasal verbs and so on. The Grammar Conversations follow four levels and recycle many of the structures, giving practice of grammar points within the context of everyday conversation and discussion. And the Vocabulary Conversations increase your vocabulary on a wide range of topics such as money, time, architecture, clothes, antonyms, and so on.

The audio files
Spoken at normal speaking speed the files provide authentic, everyday speech as spoken by native speakers and are a great way to improve listening and speaking skills.

English Talk It highly values any feedback. Please use Contact on the Home Page.

We hope English Talk It greatly helps with your English!

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