Welcome to English Talk It!

Improve your pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary skills with English as it is spoken by native speakers in everyday life. 

Bill and Samantha live with their son, Tim, in the South Coast town of Downhaven. Bill is a history teacher and Samantha a journalist on a local newspaper. Tim is at school and his sister, Katie, at university.

The family, their friends and work colleagues have conversations which you can practise on your own or with friends. Regular practise will quickly build up your grammar, vocabulary and knowledge of everyday English expressions.

Each conversation has multiple choice words and phrases which you can solve as you work through the stories.

For less than £1 a week you can have access to audio files which are a great way to improve your pronunciation.

It is important that you repeat the conversations as often as you can so that the language will become your language and you will find yourself using it in the outside world.

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