10. Suffixes

10. Suffixes

Sam interviews the Mayor of Downhaven

10. Suffixes.

Main Practice:  Suffixes
Revision:            Present Perfect - *work out 

* work (something) out  -   (Phrasal Verb) to solve something, to calculate, i.e.
  • I've worked out how to restart the computer.
  • Have you worked out how much food we'll need for the party?

adjective                 suffix                  noun
commune                     ity                            community
prior                                                               priority  (more important than other things)

home                             less                          homeless
job                                                                  jobless

accomodate                 ion                           accommodation
attract                                                           attraction
discuss                                                          discussion
pollute                                                          pollution

employ                         ment                       employment
improve                                                        improvement

accommodation  -  a room or building where someone can live
community           -  people living together as a group 
homeless               -  people who have no home
jobless                    -  people who have no job
priority               -  something more important than other things
(a) toll                    -  money you have to pay to use a certain road or bridge
Samantha, a journalist on the local newspaper, is interviewing the Lousie Mayer, the *Mayor of Downhaven.

 * Mayor  -  the elected leader of a city or town

Complete the sentences with the correct suffix.

Sam: So, Louise, you've now been Mayor of Downhaven for a year, what do you
           think you've achieved?

Lou: Well, when I became Mayor I had three prior. Firstly, to help the
          home of our town. Secondly, to help the job. And thirdly,
          to improve the transport system.

Sam: And do you think that you've achieved these things?

Lou: I do, Samantha, and let me tell you why. We've built a new shelter
          for the home. They don't have to sleep on the streets any more
          but now have clean, safe accommodat with free hot meals. We've
          set up two schemes to help the job: a commun help scheme
          and a local street newspaper. These two schemes have now given
          employ to almost one hundred people.

Sam: Great. And the transport system?

Lou: Well, after a lot of discuss with the local bus company, taxis and
          businesses, we worked out a solution. There will be a toll charge from
          now on for private vehicles to enter the town on weekdays.

Sam: And how much will the charge be, Louise?

Lou: Five pounds a day. It will reduce the traffic problems and the

Sam: Well, it sounds like a good idea.

Lou:  Yes, we're sure it'll be a big improve and make the town
           much more attract.


Complete the sentences.

homeless - attractive - community - improvement - jobless  -  
employment - pollution - accommodation - priority

1. The in this part of the town think that reducing
    is the main .

2. The need clean, safe and the
    need .

3. Now the factory has closed there has been a big
    in the water quality of the river.

4. It's a very hotel with lovely gardens.